Why Optimism Is A Must At The Workplace?

Why Optimism Is A Must At The Workplace?

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People may not be optimistic first thing in the morning, but it is possible to cultivate that mindset. Positive thinking is a powerful tool. If you channel positive thoughts before going to work, you will be happy, motivated and productive all day. One bad thought can become an obstacle in your day and hinder growth.


Human energy experts, Cathy and Gary Hawk, suggest the work day should start with a positive outlook. It increases efficiency, facilitates growth and enhances mental, physical and emotional health. Productivity automatically follows. While negative situations can be periodic deterrents, instead of stressing make a choice on how to tackle them. Gary Hawk says, “You can enter the door each morning feeling harried, grumpy or pressured, or you can choose to enter with a bounce in your step, fully engaged and excited to meet the day. It is your choice.”

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A study conducted by the Harvard Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences concludes boosting optimism at the workplace is necessary to help employees maintain healthy behaviour and teach them ways to cope with life and work challenges. According to Cathy and Gary Hawk, “It’s a well-known fact that the energy you send out to the world is the energy you attract from the world.” They provide some tips below.


1. “Choose positivity over productivity.”

2. “It’s your choice to set an energetic tone for your day.”

3. “Take time to affirm the genuine moments of joy in your day before rushing unconsciously into the next meeting.”

4. “When your schedule is negatively impacted by anyone or anything, shift your thinking to express more effective thoughts, and be intentional about the energy you want to take into your next interaction.”

5. “Be intentional with your thoughts and energy throughout your day.”

6. “A good way to shift to more effective thoughts is to take a moment to express gratitude about the things in your life.”


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