The Bonuses Of A Brilliant & Boisterous Breakfast

The Bonuses Of A Brilliant & Boisterous Breakfast

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Do you remember how your parents insisted that you must eat your breakfast properly when you were a kid? Most likely, you do the same to your child, and rightly so. But have you ever thought about why so much emphasis is laid on having a good and filling breakfast. After all, why should we eat breakfast? Starting your day with a full and happy tummy automatically uplifts your mood. But that’s not all of it. There’s a lot more to a healthy breakfast than just a great way to kick start the day.

Why should we eat breakfast?

Here are some important reasons why you should not skip this first meal of the day.

Breakfast starts the body engine for you

How often do you skip breakfast because you’re late for work? Get out of this habit before it’s too late. Running on an empty stomach can cause more harm than help. It can make you feel fatigued. And instead of being charged up early in the morning you might end losing out on the game. So, make sure that you help your body start its engine in the morning with a healthy breakfast.

More than a healthy beginning to your day

Research has revealed that a nutritious diet, adequately loaded with vitamins and minerals can improve productivity. So, whether it is in your class or in your conference room, you are all set to shine on when you make a habit of eating healthy breakfast every day. Apart from that, a good breakfast also increases endurance and stamina. So, if you are into sports, athletics, or any such physical activity, befriending breakfast can help you.

It’s the weight loss master

why should we eat breakfast?
Why should we eat breakfast? | Image: file image

Have you been trying to lose weight but to no result? Only cutting down on calories won’t help weight loss. But eating at the right time and healthy food is equally crucial. As part of a research, a survey was conducted among college students. The findings revealed that 51% students, who were regular breakfast skippers, had higher body mass index (BMI) as compared to the others. They were obese while the breakfast consumers were not. So, eat your way to weight loss now.

Utilize breakfast to utilize brain

Wouldn’t it be the best if eating makes you more intelligent? Well, that is indeed true. Having regular breakfast enhances the ability to utilize the knowledge acquired by the brain. A systematic review was focused on studying the effect of breakfast on cognitive performance of children and adolescents. The study revealed that having breakfast was more beneficial that skipping it.

Eating breakfast can help your little one perform well in school as it improves memory, alertness, concentration, problem-solving ability, test scores, school attendance, and mood. And that’s not just for kids, but adults even. So, if you want to utilize your brain to its maximum capacity, then don’t skip your breakfast simply because you decided to get those five extra minutes of sleep.

Helps you have a better body

Breakfast eating adults tend to have lighter bodies which makes their heart healthy. The low cholesterol reduces the risk of heart diseases. The fiber in many healthy breakfasts such as cereal can help you have easy digestion. Good bacteria in yogurt and cereals also promote gut health. A healthy breakfast that includes a variety of nutrients is also a good source of calcium that leads to stronger bones.

Investing your time in eating a healthy breakfast is time well-spent. So, remember not to skip the first meal and reap its benefits throughout the day.

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