Your Guide To Maintaining Emotional Health At Work

Your Guide To Maintaining Emotional Health At Work

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Being emotionally healthy has a direct impact on your performance at work. Dr. Sai Kaustuv DasGupta, a TEDx, and motivational speaker shares his tips on retaining happiness and maintaining the work-life balance.

For many of us, work is a major part of our daily journey. That is where we spend most of our time, where we get our earnings, savings and often discover some of our greatest friends. Our work-life often ends up being the most important aspect of our lives. Therefore, having a satisfactory job and work environment are essential for mental health and wellbeing of all professionals. When our mental state is balanced and healthy, we have a sense of purpose, the energy to do the things we want to do, and the ability to deal with the challenges that might come our way.

But not all workplaces are suitable for a happy and balanced mental state. If that’s the case, it becomes crucial for us to find a way to keep our emotional wellbeing intact. How?

Make your workplace, your happy place

We can take some easy steps to improve our emotional health and build our resilience at work –

Learn to love what you do

Firstly, self-care is a skill that needs to be practiced as you need to love what you are doing. It will be not easy, especially for those who feel anxious, depressed or have low self-esteem. But your love for work can increase your stability. You can do something you are passionate about during the break time. That way you can create some space between work and personal time. Spending some time for personal happiness and doing something passionate provides an instant boost to your mood. I always pause in between designing projects to make my mind fresh and allow it to intake more creative essence. By doing that, I could see a huge change in my workflow.  

Share your feelings

Sharing always helps | Image: File Image

Sharing about your feelings with others can help you maintain your mental health and deal with a foul mood. Identify someone you feel comfortable with and who is supportive. Hanging out with your colleagues, going on team lunches, will not only motivate you to try new things at workplace but it will also build trust among each other. Senior team members often don’t reflect complete belief towards their juniors which introduces stress. Have faith and learn to break down a few walls to establish a great bond. It will help you and others achieve major milestones together.  

Take a break

A change of scene or a change of place is amazing for your mental health. It can be something as simple as a five-minute pause from what you are doing. It’s important because when we are working our system fully takes over our mind which makes us tired.  A tired mind is not capable of giving its best.

You can also read a book or listen to a podcast if you’re stuck. It helps you start afresh. Try to explore something new at your workplace which gives you happiness. Always have a can-do attitude that inspires juniors and gives confidence to your seniors. Finally, a few minutes of ‘me time’ is the best way to continue a healthy working life. 

Try and incorporate these tips and you’ll surely see a visible difference in your happiness quotient!

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