What Is Kidulting And How Can It Benefit Your Mental Health?

What Is Kidulting And How Can It Benefit Your Mental Health?

The comforting nostalgia of kidulting could be great for your mental health but how can you make the most of it?
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Kidulting is the practise of adults reliving their childhood by engaging in activities typically associated with children, like playing with old-fashioned toys and board games, indulging in familiar meals from their youth, and engaging in pastimes and games designed for younger people. 

Being an adult is difficult; as a result, people are looking for more alternative means of releasing tension. Demanding lives and adjustments to eating and drinking habits in favour of healthier options. As with many new trends, millennials set the pace by seeking out immersive experiences to satisfy their inner child, followed closely by other generations who opted for kid-friendly pursuits. Nowadays, people of all ages are looking for enjoyable pastimes

Even though the concept of “kidulting” and the noun “kidult” (used to denote an adult who, indeed, partakes in kid-like activities) have both been around for some time, the practise saw a sharp increase in popularity during the first few months of the pandemic. 

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It’s likely that the combination of boredom and constricting stay-at-home directives sent people down a rabbit hole of leisure that brought them right back to the things they did as children, whether it was playing with action figures or building Lego structures in houses. Even if there may no longer be a necessity to kill time in this way, people’s desire to do so doesn’t appear to be diminishing. Well, this is because kidulting provides a welcome dose of happy play and comforting nostalgia, which are perfect for rescuing us from any blues, whether they stem from a global epidemic or not. 

How Can Kidulting Benefit Your Mental Health?

1. Stress Reduction 

Play is enjoyable and can release endorphins, the body’s inherent feel-good hormones. Endorphins can even momentarily numb pain while promoting general wellbeing. 

2. Enhance Your Relationship with Others 

Having fun and laughing with others can increase intimacy, trust, and other positive traits. Play can be a mental state as opposed to just one particular action. Having a fun personality can help you relax in difficult situations, establish a connection with other people, make new acquaintances, and build new professional partnerships. 

3. You Might Discover Your Inner Child Again 

Inner child work is important because it can help you if you struggled to manage your emotions or establish healthy relationships as a child because of harsh or negligent behaviours. This therapeutic technique invites you to nurture the aspects of yourself that you might have suppressed or lost, and then to reestablish your previous identity. Kidulting can aid in the healing of the inner child since it can transport you back to a happy, self-expressive time in your youth. 

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By participating in enjoyable activities typically designated for children, becoming a kidult means reclaiming your sense of play and curiosity. It is an excellent method to unwind, rekindle your creativity, and present yourself with new challenges. Even the most serious grownups can benefit from having some fun and ignoring the rules about drawing inside the lines. 

There is no better time to have fun than over the holidays, when you can leave the year’s difficulties behind you.

12 Summer Activities To Make The Most Of Kidulting

  1. Plan a long hiking adventure. 
  1. Go on an amazing road trip. 
  1. Attend a film festival. 
  1. Join your friends and go to a fun fair. Ride as many rides as you can and snack on junk food. 
  1. Visit a dog park with your canines. 
  1. Embark on a daylong bike trip. 
  1. Look for a well-known eatery that you have never been to. 
  1. Make frozen treats like popsicles at home. 
  1. Deep-clean your home. 
  1. Design a garden that will attract butterflies and bumblebees. 
  1. Have an all-night movie marathon in your favourite night suit. 
  1. Pick a bouquet of flowers for yourself. 

It’s quite simple to enjoy the summer as an adult! Just use your imagination. Experience the best summer you’ve ever had by using your creative abilities! 

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