Your Search For The Best Face Protection Mask Ends Here

Your Search For The Best Face Protection Mask Ends Here

Nivedita Saboo Cares is a homegrown brand that delivers reusable and environmentally friendly face masks.
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Today, we cannot even think about leaving the house without a mask. However, a good mask is not that easy to find. Are you looking for a face mask that offers optimum protection? Has a breathable material and is washable?  Then, Nivedita Saboo Care’s ‘The BreatheSafe Bold’ masks are just the right thing for you!

Face Protection Mask

They are 98.2% SITRA certified; SITRA, an acronym for The South India Textile Research Association is governed by a Council of Administration consisting of member representatives of the Industry, Government and Scientists. These masks are washable and reusable and have a three-layered filtration system that guarantees maximum protection.

Face Protection Mask 2

These masks have soft, elastic ear-loops for extra comfort, a wider face coverage compared to regular masks, ensures comfortable breathing, leads to heat low-build up and minimal eyewear fogging. All these benefits packed in these unique and innovate designed masks that fit just right!

All these qualities surely make these masks a notch better than other masks available in the market.

The mask should be hand-washed for a minimum of 30 seconds after every use, and it’s as good as new!

They also accept bulk and corporate orders.

Head over to their website to place an order or for more information.

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