Zone Out Of Your Comfort Zone With These Simple Techniques

Zone Out Of Your Comfort Zone With These Simple Techniques

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It is very natural for us to live and work in our comfort zones. Where things seem easy, convenient, and familiar. But as we say, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Growth is only possible when we challenge ourselves and push our boundaries by stepping our of our comfort zone. It takes effort, and you might want to give up, but in the end, it will be all be worth it. It sounds like a tough job, but, is indeed quite easy and the secret lies in our daily lives.

Daily Challenges For Yourself

Take nothing for granted

Challenges and suffering in life are probably the best teachers.  And the one lesson we must all learn is to take nothing for granted. When you avoid doing so, it is much harder to be complacent.

Switch up your routine

Routines are about comfort as much as they are about efficiency. You should up your routine on daily basis but in small ways. This will bring in new ideas in your personal and professional life.

Move toward your fears

Facing your fears
Facing your fears | Image: File Image

It is very easy to ignore your fears and apprehensions and live. Move out of your comfort zone, and towards your fears. This has the potential to expand your life, to help you grow. Once you overcome those fears, you will have a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. 

Try something new until you feel comfortable

It can be something like the fear of public speaking. Do it even if it makes you uncomfortable. Be patient and keep on trying. Once you are comfortable with that, move on. Conquer the next uncomfortable activity.

Start conversations with strangers

It can something as simple as a 'hello'
It can something as simple as a ‘hello’ | Image: File Image

Talking to a stranger is the perfect way to overcome hesitation and shyness. It is also an amazing way to learn new things about the world.

Agree to something you normally wouldn’t

Learn to say yes to something you normally wouldn’t want to. Say bungee jumping. It will sure to give you a totally new experience.

Keep a list of growth goals

Keeping a list of growth goals really helps. This makes you accountable. And the list forces you to step out of your comfort zone to achieve what you otherwise wouldn’t.

So, go out there, challenge yourself and don’ let your comfort zone hamper your growth.

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