25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2019 Ends

25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2019 Ends

Just as we wrap up the year, pause and ask yourself these questions.
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As the year, in fact, the decade comes to an end, we are often left wondering. Wondering if it was good, will it get better, will we do something new in the new year or will we continue with the life that we have created for ourselves? It’s time to sit back and go through the year that was and take the learnings that will help us in the future.

Achieving goals, meeting new people, having new experiences, doing some mistakes, and just becoming better versions of ourselves, right? Just as we break into 2020, let’s look back, reflect, see what worked out this year, what didn’t.

1.What is the most important goal I have achieved this year?

2. My biggest fitness achievement was?

3. My biggest career achievement was?

4. What skills did I acquire this year?

5. One mistake I did this year, and what I learned from it?

6. One bad habit I broke this year:

7. What were the revelations I had about myself this year?

8. What made me laugh the hardest this year?

9. What was the best memory of this year?

10. This is a new good habit I acquired this year:

11. This is the best thing I bought this year:

12. My most common mental state this year was:

13. The nicest thing I did for someone this year:

14. This is how I emotionally grew this year:

15. Something that I would like to change about this year:

16. Places I traveled to this year:

17. I zoned out from my comfort zone when I did this:

18. What was my biggest time-waster this year?

19. If I could sum up this year in three words, they would be:

20. This is the best advice I received this year:

21. What advice would I give myself if I could travel back to the beginning of the year?

22. What fears did I overcome this year?

23. This year I practiced self-care by doing this:

24. Here is one adventure I did this year:

25. How do I see myself in 2020?

Recognise your accomplishments, reflect on the lessons learned, analyse how you want to move forward, and give yourself kudos for what you did well.

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