Why It Is Important To Say ‘No’?

Why It Is Important To Say ‘No’?

Saying ‘No’ may sound harsh and even neuroscience supports this explanation. But, it’s a powerful word and should be used smartly. Here’s why it’s important.
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Most of us find it difficult to turn down our friends and family when it comes to invites or any other requests. Almost always, we put them first over ourselves. However, saying ‘No’ at times is beneficial for your well-being. It’s a powerful and important word and using it smartly helps.   

Saves you from negative feelings

Most often you give in and say ‘yes’ to everything your friends plan or family does. It’s because you do not want to hurt their feelings. But, this can eventually result in you feeling frustrated, resentful, tired, and even negative about yourself. If left unchecked, it can further result in negative self-talk and turn into depression. Saying ‘No’ helps you save from all this.

Take up other activities
Take up other activities | Image: File Image
Frees up your time for other opportunities

Setting goals is not only about identifying and doing things you want to do but also about identifying things you do not want to do. Saying ‘No’ helps in this greatly. Turning down invites or arrangements help you put yourself first. It makes way for new opportunities, thus making time for activities and things that you value and want to do in life.

Creates stronger bonds in relationships

Saying ‘No’ for that party or family outing may not seem so harsh when you put yourself first. If you always give in to any plans or arrangements, your friends and family would not respect your time and needs. Turning them down occasionally will help set boundaries and make them respect your needs and you more. This results in forging stronger bonds.

Making a list would help
Making a list would help | Image: File Image
It helps you prioritise your tasks

Making a regular habit of saying ‘No’ actually helps you prioritise your tasks. Jot down what you need to do on a priority, whether it’s paying bills, taking your parents for a check-up, or anything else. This will give your clarity about your needs and make time for your priorities. Remember, you cannot please everyone always, so do say ‘No’.

Saying ‘No’ is a mindfulness habit

Any habit takes time to cultivate and saying ‘No’ is also the same. Being a ‘Yes’ person is not always a good idea. Even though you may feel guilty at first about turning down someone, acknowledging the feeling helps. Saying ‘No’ helps creates healthy boundaries and it’s an exercise in mindfulness. It makes you more aware of the power of the word itself.

Being a ‘people pleaser’ can be detrimental to your overall well-being and saying ‘No’ is extremely powerful. Adopt and exercise this power you have.

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