5 Brands Offering Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Paints

5 Brands Offering Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Paints

Add an environmental-conscious touch to your interior with these non-toxic paints.
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Whether you’re thinking of transforming your space or just revamping one element in the room, doing it in a healthy and thoughtful manner can serve you better in the long run. Just like how we consciously handpick the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and more, choosing non-toxic paints for our homes can also impact the quality of our lives.

When we’re indoors, the air that surrounds us is nearly 80 percent of the time harmful for us as well as the planet. We’re all quite aware of the toxic nature of interior paints and the ailments that they bring, so why not switch to a paint that won’t wreak havoc on your health and becomes an eco-friendly accessory for your home?

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Eco-friendly paints are without airborne chemicals or gases that harm us while also being low on toxic emissions called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). So, if you’re ready for a fresh coat, we’ve listed down 5 paint brands offering eco-friendly options to turn your home as non-toxic as possible.

1. Nilaya by Asian Paints

Launched in September 2019 at the AD Design Show in Mumbai, Nilaya Naturals is what Asian Paints claims to be India’s first line of organic paints. Featuring ingredients such as soya bean, whey protein and casein along with castor seeds, calcium carbonate, need oil and pigments, the organic paints are made using all-natural ingredients. And with a completely natural composition comes various advantages like anti-fungal properties because of the neem oil, anti-bacterial properties as the ingredients let the paint be more breathable.

The paints come with a 10-year warranty and can be reviewed on nilaya.asianpaints.com

2. Silk Breathe Easy by Berger Paints

Another leading paint brand in India, Berger Paints launched their Green Horizon endeavour to turn a new leaf. They eliminated lead, mercury and chromium from their paints and greatly reduced VOCs and the content of aromatics so that their products have no negative health impact. The Breathe Easy range is formulated with 100 percent acrylic emulsions and vibrant pigments and comes with a low VOC and formaldehyde reducing abilities. Not only that, but they are also anti-infection, anti-pollution and anti-bacterial and comes with a certified label by Singapore Green label.

You can have a look at their range on BergerPaints.com

3. Dulux India

The UK-based paint giant has several production units in India, making them a leader in the industry. And every day the company is working towards creating products for a greener tomorrow. One of their conscious efforts is to follow the highest environmental standards for paints which includes reducing their VOC content. By replacing solvents traditionally used in the paint with water, they’re aiming to improve air quality and make the air in our homes as fresh as possible.

You can purchase their products on Dulux.in

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4. Kansai Nerolac Impressions Eco Clean

The second-largest player in the market when it comes to paints in India, Nerolac switched to lead-free paints years ago and has decided to environmentally transform their brand by introducing a line of water-based, low-VOC paints. While the eco-conscious range comes at a higher price, their durability is longer and they also feature several benefits such as a rich finish, anti-bacterial paint, stain resistance, fungal resistance and more.

You can purchase and view their products on Nerolac.com

5. Khadi Prakritik Paint

Developed by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, the Khadi Prakritik Paint is India’s first-ever one-of-its-kind paint made with actual cow dung as its main ingredient. Advertised as eco-friendly, these non-toxic paints also comes with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is said to be cost-effective and odourless.

Available in two forms, distemper and plastic emulsion, the paint can be bought on kviconline.gov.in

We hope these non-toxic paints add a colourful twist to your homes.

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