5 Different Types of Journals, Find Your Best Pick

Different types of journals serve different purposes, but what’s important, though, is that you perceive journaling as a relieving and rewarding activity, because that’s what it should be.
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Journaling may be a hobby, a habit, a successes tool or an emotional support tool, it all matters on the type of journal you choose to use. A journal is a personal space where you can express things and yourself as they are. Be it happiness or sadness, anger or excitement, hope or depression, whatever it is, your journal is your safe space to let it all flow. It’s that one place where you can fully be open and honest with yourself.  

But, why should you journal?  

  • It evokes mindfulness in your daily routine and helps you remain focused and stable. 
  • It is emotionally healing and cathartic. 
  • It hones your individuality and confidence. 

But there are so many types of journals and ways to approach journaling, each has its unique approach and benefits.  

Here are 5 major types of journals that you can choose from: 

1. Gratitude Journal 

Over the last decade or so the gratitude journal has become exceedingly popular, and rightfully so. There are multiple reasons to maintain a gratitude journal. As Melody Beatie says, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” You can use the gratitude journal to mention all that you are grateful for in life. It barely takes five minutes and is a great way to start off your journaling habit. Maintaining a gratitude journal is also suitable for kids and can turn into a fun activity for the whole family. 

2. Project or Productivity Journal 

Do you struggle with procrastination? How often do you skip on a task because you are too busy and it slipped your mind? Maintaining a productivity journal is your way out. This is an amazing way of tracking your daily success. Not only that, but you can also plan out your future goals in the project journal. It will help you set proper steps that you would need to follow in order to succeed. Project journal is the place where you note down all your achievements and caveats. This journal will help you prioritise your priority. Maintain the project journal to help you become successful.

project journal
Image | Unsplash

3. The Free-Flowing Thoughts Journal 

This is a journal where you can vent your feelings and thoughts without the fear of judgement or doing anything wrong or unwanted. This is your free space, use it the way you want. You can make multiple entries throughout the day whenever you feel overwhelmed. You just need to whip out your diary and start writing in it. You’re feeling happy? Share it in your diary. Got a promotion? Share it in your diary. Whatever it may be, you can write anything and everything in your free-flowing thoughts journal.  

4. The Unsent Letters Journal 

How many times has it happened with you that you want to talk to someone so badly, but you cannot because of some or other reason? Well, maintaining the unsent letter journal is your answer. Whenever you feel this overwhelming urge to share something with someone or just to talk to them, you can address a letter to them in your journal, you can show it to them later if you want, or maybe not show them at all, your call. This journal type can also be used to write letters to yourself, a letter to your future, your past, your present. It’s a great way to communicate with oneself and keep clarity in your head and heart. It’s a great way to unburden yourself mentally and emotionally. 

5. Travel Journal 

Whenever you go for trips you take countless photos as memories, they usually end up on your social or your drive, oftentimes forgotten. Maintaining a travel journal is all about maintaining a record of your trip. Travel journaling is much more than recording where you went, what you saw, and what you ate. It is more about how each of your experiences made you feel, the emotions you underwent and the thoughts you had. To enhance your travel journaling experience, you can include tokens such as photos, tickets, bills, lists and contact details.   

travel journal
Image | Unsplash

After journaling for a while, you’ll learn that you can journal about anything and everything. You most probably will have multiple journals going at the same time, each focused on a different aspect of your life. There are literally as many journal styles as there are humans on this planet. Different journals serve different purposes and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to journaling.  

Journaling can be a relaxing and rewarding activity. Hope you find this guide inspiring and helpful while starting your journaling journey.  

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