5 Foods And Drinks That Are Secretly Dehydrating You

5 Foods And Drinks That Are Secretly Dehydrating You

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We all know that hydration is the most important life hack to staying healthy, the magic juice that lets your body function on full swing. But we always chalk up dehydration as our lack of drinking copious amounts of water while instead it could be caused by the foods that we’re eating.

Here are 5 such foods and drinks that are dehydrating you.

Protein-packed foods | Image: File Image

Yes, you read that right. High amounts of protein can cause huge amounts of dehydration at the best of times. Not only red or white meat but cured meats are by far the most dehydrating. Cured meats are heavily seasoned with salt but curing also increases the solute concentration of food, reducing the water content. Having it in small portions coupled with lots of water and fresh vegetables can help reduce dehydration.

Sugary Drinks
Sugary Drinks
Sugary drinks barely have any nutritional value | Image: File Image

Drinks high on sugar like sodas, iced teas with artificial sugars, create an acidic environment in your body. This results in your kidneys working overtime to balance the acid in your body, draining your body of fluid. Ultimately dehydrating you. Opt for drinks with natural sugars, but not in abundance or simply stick to water.

Your morning cuppa would be dehydrating you | Image: File Image

Another diuretic that you’re constantly consuming is that hot cup of coffee or tea. What this means is that these drinks cause your body to produce more urine, in turn dehydrating you. Caffeine itself is a mild diuretic that causes your kidneys to flush out extra sodium and water from your body. While the caffeine content of most teas is very low, consuming it in large amounts can cause mild dehydration.

Salty Snacks
Salty Snacks
Switch unhealthy salty snacks with healthy ones | Image: File Image

Mindlessly snacking on potato chips, fries and other salty foods can take a toll on your hydration levels. An overdose of salt can make your kidneys work overtime to retain the water level in your body, leaving the rest of the organs short on fluid. Switch to foods like veggies and hummus instead.

Parsley and Asparagus
Parsley and Asparagus
Healthy food can also be dehydrating | Image: File Image

Yet another diuretic, the amino acid in asparagus known as asparagine causes your body to release water. While parsley is a weak diuretic, consuming it in large amounts can lead to dehydration. Look for veggies such as spinach as a balanced alternative and consume parsley and asparagus in a moderate amount.

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