5 Lessons To Love: The Way Of The Monk By Gaur Gopal Das

5 Lessons To Love: The Way Of The Monk By Gaur Gopal Das

This book is the key to all your questions about living a mindful and spiritual lifestyle.
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“There is a traffic jam within our minds. That traffic jam is stopping each one of us from reaching our true potential. Imagine if we knew how to clear this disruption. No fumes of insecurity causing us to cough, no one honking at us, distracting us from what’s important, and plenty of fuel to sustain us so that we can live a life worth living.” This is the main focus of Gaur Gopal Das’s debut book The Way Of The Monk: How To Find Purpose, Balance, And Lasting Happiness.

Gaur Gopal Das was formerly an engineer in Hewlett-Packard (HP). He joined the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in 1996. Since then, he is become a popular motivation coach and a public speaker, for more you can check out gaurgopaldas.com. 

How can we achieve peace in a world that is so chaotic? How can we master detachment when everywhere we look, we’re reminded of everything that we lack? How can we practice unconditional love when we’re burdened by our past wounds? In this book Das walks us though all of these and many other fundamental questions of living a life worth living.  

Here are five lessons that we love from The Way Of The Monk
You must compete if you want to grow 

For years we’ve been wired to compare and compete with others in all aspects of life. This has skewed our vision of success and happiness. Das explains that why it’s important to compete with ourselves and not others in order to improve and grow in life, be it professional or personal. With personal anecdotes he helps us redefine the mindset of competition, success, and happiness.  

Your response is your choice 

Who doesn’t want to remain positive always? But being positive and responding the right way shouldn’t be a burden. Infact, being positive doesn’t mean that you’ve to ignore the negative. Remaining positive is all about consciously choosing to focus on solution part of a situation rather than on the problem bit of it.  

Consciously deciding to concentrate on the solution puts you in charge of the situation and gives you the liberty to respond the way you choose to. Practicing this keeps your mind focused and thinking effectively by eliminating all the chaos.  

Importance of surrendering to the moment 

We’re so full of ourselves at times that we forget about the existence of our higher self. There is such beauty in surrendering to the higher consciousness and we tend to ignore it. In this book Das explains why it’s important to realise that we aren’t in control of everything that happens in our life. That doesn’t mean that we should stop working on our goals and visions. It means that inspite of doing our very best, the end results might not be what we desire. That is when we must be prepared to surrender and know that the higher conscience is at work and we must surrender to its will as it knows the best.  

Understanding the exchange of energies 

Humans are social beings. Not only because we thrive by interacting with each other, but also because we exchange energies while we interact with each other. The energies that we exchange either helps us grow or brings us down. As we start sharing our time, thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs we eventually become the people we surround ourselves with.  

There is so much potential in the energy that we share with the people around us. We need to be very careful and smart in terms of the people we choose to spend our time with, especially a relationship for life.  

Importance of service and selflessness 

We’re all taught to be kind and compassionate, but we do not realise the impact of it on our own lives. Being selfless and serving others without any expectations leads to more fulfilled and happy life.  

Practicing selflessness and love is an inside-out process. You need to be kind and loving to yourself first before serving others. Then extend it to your family, friends and then everyone around you. Carry a heart and energy that helps others heal and build a better life for themselves and others.  

Who is this book for?   

This book is all those who have always wanted to live a more mindful life but haven’t been able to find a perfect way to do so living in the busy world and juggling multiple things. This book is the key to all your questions about living a mindful and spiritual lifestyle. There is no specific age group to read this book. The language is simple but is very detailed.   

Where can you get it?   

The Way Of The Monk: How To Find Purpose, Balance, And Lasting Happiness by Gaur Gopal Das is available in all the major bookstores offline and online

Book Title: The Way Of The Monk: How To Find Purpose, Balance, And Lasting Happiness 

Publication: Rider   

Price: ₹250  

Read this book and fix your sleep cycle to get the most out of your life! 

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