5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Boost Your IQ And How Meditation Helps With It

5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Boost Your IQ And How Meditation Helps With It

Can IQ be increased? For sure it can be. Read on to know how!
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Your performance on an intelligence test shows your IQ. Intelligence Quotient more commonly called IQ is the measure to gauge one’s intellectual ability and potential. It includes a range of skills such as, reasoning ability, logic, problem-solving, ability to understand simple instructions, and finding accurate solutions.   

The most common myth about IQ is that you are born with it and you cannot improve it. But that’s where we are wrong. We need to understand that IQ also includes our ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. So, it is absolutely possible to give a high boost to our IQ and it’s possible to do so at any age.   

Ask these 5 questions to improve your IQ:  
  1. Do I enjoy learning new things? If no, why not? If yes, then what are the things that get me excited about learning new things?  
  2. What is my surrounding or situation when I learn the most and the best? Who are the people I am interacting with at that time?  
  3. Do I look at life as a continuous cycle of learning, unlearning and relearning?   
  4. What scares me the most about exploring and developing new skills? How can I overcome this fear?  
  5. Do I let other people influence my judgement when I step out to attempt something new? Or do I believe in myself?  

This self-enquiry will set you on the path of being inquisitive, and that is the first step in developing a new skill or improving your intelligence.   

How will meditation and mindfulness help in boosting my IQ?  

The first reason as to how meditation helps you boost your IQ is by training your mind to recognise the situations from which you can learn and helping you focus on it with undivided attention. It’s a known fact that meditation improves concentration and understanding. Along with this, meditation also helps you become calm and tranquil, which reduces stress and boosts your memory. Meditation ensures your mind becomes less active, slower brain waves are proven to create better and more intentional neural pathways. Listening to soothing sounds while studying helps too.   

Remember that your intelligence is unique and should not be compared and that some number does not define you.  

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