5 Stretching Exercises For People Who Are On Their Computer All Day

5 Stretching Exercises For People Who Are On Their Computer All Day

Some best stretches that will help people who are sitting and working all day.
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Who would have imagined even six months ago that this day would come? Where the whole world would be sitting at home, battling a grave virus. Where the unimaginable has happened, a lot of things have changed along with it. The couch or desk has become our workspace and we are on with our work all day like we did in the office. As we know ‘sitting is the new smoking.’

Don’t let the sedentary lifestyle take its timely toll on your health as well. Here are 5 very simple stretches you can do, and relax your muscles.

Pec Stretch

How does it help?

It helps to release tight pectoral muscles, which are the major muscles in the upper chest. It also helps improve poor posture.

How to do it?

Interlock your hands behind your back. Keep your arms straight and pull your hands down towards the floor. Then squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Thoracic Extension

How does it help?

Reduces hunching in the middle back and help with the neck and upper back pain.

How to do it?

Clap both hands behind your head and gently pull backward. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for five seconds.

Back Bend

How does it help?

It takes the pressure off your spine and it reduces lower-back pain.

How to do it?

Stand with your feet together and your hands behind your hips for support. Look up towards the ceiling and take a deep breath. Slowly bend backward and exhale.

Reclining Twist

How does it help?

This helps to stretch the back, chest, and glutes.

How to do it?

Lay on your back and bring your knee towards your chest. Place your left hand on the outside on your right knee. Then, extend your left arm out to the left, palm up, and slowly bring your right knee across your body towards the floor on the right. It’s okay if your right knee does not touch the floor. Hold on each side for 30-60 seconds and repeat one to two times.

Eye Of The Needle

How does it help?

It stretches glutes and opens outer hips and low back.

How to do it?

Lay on your back and bend both knees. Place your feet flat on the floor. Cross your right ankle over your left knee, flex your foot, and spread your toes. Reach through your legs and grab your left leg either behind the thigh or in front of the shin. Slowly draw your left knee towards your left shoulder until a stretch is felt deep in the hips. Hold for 60 seconds on each side.

Are you all set to try these out?

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