5 Things To Learn From A Previous Relationship

5 Things To Learn From A Previous Relationship

Trying to move on? These tips will help you in this difficult time.
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Every now and then you will come across a slight speed bump in your relationships. Here are a few things you can keep in mind the next time a relationship doesn’t work out.

Introspect and recalibrate

Humans aren’t moving ahead in life if they aren’t losing friends. The fact that a relationship doesn’t work out means that you have a different thought process, new perspectives and that probably is a reason why things didn’t work out. Accept those changes and embrace them. Adjust yourself accordingly. Your mental peace is of utmost importance and keep that as a priority!

Sadness doesn’t last forever

Alright, your partner left you. Yes yes, that leaves a big hole in your heart. No doubt about the fact that separation is a painful process. Give yourself time to heal. The sooner you realise how temporary it is, the better it’ll be for you. Remember, a storm does not last forever and the sun will always shine. Be like the sun; warm, ever glowing and alive!

Don’t burn the bridges

It would be rather immature to say that distance yourself with the people it didn’t work out with. Yes, distancing yourself for a while is fine. Take a break and start making amends to the value of the relationship, it’s different if it didn’t work out. Always be grateful to what you had and respect that. Wish them well and be on your way.

Negativity and jealousy, keep them at bay

Easier said than done. Maintaining and controlling your thoughts is like trying to control a puppy; both are naïve and bound to stray. Try to keep them together, compact and sane. This is where logic and reasoning come into play for your emotions. Don’t think about things that might happen. Don’t think about what could have happened; live in the present. Make peace with what you have, and that’s what makes the difference. Sooner you learn to make peace with the present, the better the person you become.

Nobody is perfect

Learn to keep one thing in mind. Nobody is 100 percent right or wrong. Mistakes, shortcoming, and egos are from both sides. It’s never just one person’s fault as to why things did not work out. If there is hate, there is a need for empathy. It’s a two-way street. You can’t just keep showing affection and get nothing in return. Definitely not how life works. Accept your shortcomings, own your mistakes and work on them. Never blame yourself for the whole ordeal caused. It takes more than just one hand to clap.

Now that you have read this whole thing, I’m sure you are a whole lot wiser and much better off. Go treat yourself to some ice cream!

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