5 Ways To Stay Calm When Work Is Making You Angry 

5 Ways To Stay Calm When Work Is Making You Angry 

It is inevitable to feel stressed at work, even if you enjoy what you do. The key is to cultivate calm even when work is making you angry.
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Stress at work has the potential to overwhelm everyone. Anyone could become stressed out by the constant barrage of emails, messages, ringing phones, and unexpected meetings invites. It’s normal to feel anxious sometimes, especially when a deadline or challenging task is coming up. But if work constantly continues making you angry, it can be bad for your physical and mental health. 


It is inevitable to feel stressed out at work, even if you enjoy what you do. The question that comes is: How do you unwind? Here are a few exercises that not only feel nice but also help us become calmer and more relaxed, which enables us to handle everything life throws at us more effectively. 

5 Ways To Calm Down When Work Is Making You Angry

1. Practice Deep Breathing Exercises 

We often take our ability to breathe for granted, despite the fact that it is a powerful tool for controlling our emotions. Your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for maintaining a body’s calming response, can be activated through your breath. 

Breathing in, holding, and then exhaling for up to twice as long is one of the most soothing breathing exercises you can perform. 

2. Try To Be Self Compassionate 

The ability to be conscious of your emotions—aware of the feelings that are present anytime you fail at something—is known as self-compassion. Understanding that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s a natural element of being human is another aspect of self-compassion. And it is the ability to communicate with oneself in a loving and compassionate manner, just as you would with a friend. 

3. Cultivate Genuine Relations 

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To positively interact with others is our most basic human need, behind the need for food and shelter, obviously. The good news is that by looking after your own health and wellbeing with simple techniques like self-compassion and deep breathing, you are able to direct your focus outward and feel more connected. 

4. Be Compassionate Towards Others 

Try to keep in mind that everyone you interact with at work is learning and finishing things at a different pace than you are. When you’re demonstrating a task to a co-worker by email as you wait for a response, you could grow impatient. You’re more likely to have the resources to maintain your composure no matter the circumstances if you practise patience and compassion. 

5. Practice Mindful Meditation 

During mindfulness meditation, your conscious awareness is widened. During this meditation, you pay attention to the sensations you are having, including how your breath is moving. Your ideas and feelings are visible. But once you let them go. 

Being attentive, or having a greater awareness and existing in the present moment, is the foundation of this style of meditation. 

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is yet another technique to remain calm at the office. Overworking yourself could make you more prone to stress. So, think about establishing strict working hours for yourself so you may start and end work at the proper times and still have time outside of work to engage in your interests and spend time with family and friends. 

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