How Can Bosses Ensure Their Employees’ Happiness?

How Can Bosses Ensure Their Employees’ Happiness?

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Recent studies show that we spend at least one-third of our life at work. This being said, it is pivotal to ensure a happy workplace. A non-friendly work environment directly affects our mood. The logic is simple – happy employees are more creative, innovative and dedicated. So, the responsibility of building a happy workplace largely falls on the shoulders of the employers.

How Can Employers Elevate The Happiness Quotient At Work?

Greet your team

A little hello goes a long way in the workplace. Being noticed and appreciated is something everyone likes. A smile on your face can just make your employees day. Creating a positive workplace atmosphere is crucial in terms of your employee’s productivity and energy levels. And this starts with your cheerful morning tone.

Deliver praise and recognition
A little praise goes a long way | Image: File Image

Don’t under appreciate people. Low salary, limited vacation days, low flexibility are the most common reasons for employees to quit their job. On the other hand, if they frequently receive praise and recognition, they themselves want to stay on and give their best shot.

Make work/life balance a priority

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial today. Team members must have a clear understanding that you respect that they have a life outside of work too, which is just as important. They should be not overloaded with work on weekends. And their privacy should be respected.

Encourage workplace wellness
A healthy mind is a productive mind | Image: File Image

Wellness has become a common factor in our lives. Be it through food, physical exercise or mindful tactics, one should incentivize wellness. Many wellness programs have been developed specifically to improve the work environment.

Refrain from micromanaging

Employees who feel trusted and supported without constant hovering are confident and more relaxed. Nobody likes being micromanaged. Not only do they start second-guessing themselves, but they also start resenting their jobs. Remember that you hired them and should trust them.

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