7 Best Yoga Poses To Try For Gas and Bloating Relief 

7 Best Yoga Poses To Try For Gas and Bloating Relief 

Gas and bloating can have adverse effects on our everyday life but a few simple yoga poses can help bring relief.
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Why is yoga so popular, and what is it? With the aid of breathing exercises, you do a sequence of stretches and positions in yoga. The powerful advantages of yoga can be seen easily with daily practice. Yoga is also easy to do, so it doesn’t matter your age or degree of fitness. If your medical treatments have failed, yoga may be able to help. In fact, it offers an astounding range of physical advantages that are appropriate for all demographics and can be used as a supplemental therapy in addition to traditional treatments for a variety of ailments including various yoga poses that aid gas and bloating. 

The majority of us experience bloating following a large meal, when we are under stress, when we have digestive issues, etc. The abdomen feels tight and full, and this could result in discomfort accompanied by pain. Yoga increases blood flow to the digestive tract, and its twisting postures massage and compress your internal organs to reduce bloating and relieve gas. You can also focus on a healthy diet by cutting down on food that causes gas and bloating and indulging in detox juice recipes.

7 Yoga Asanas To Aid Digestion And Get Relief From Bloating 

1. Apanasana 


Also called “the wind-relieving pose,” it not only aids in improving digestion and releasing gas buildup, but it also aids in general detoxification of the body. 

Place your hands on your knees while lying down and take a deep breath. As you breathe out, pull your knees to your chest. Rock your knees from side to side to achieve the biggest stretch possible. Release your knees after remaining for five to ten breaths. 

2. Spinal Twist 

It promotes blood flow throughout your body, including your gut, and is excellent for digestion. 

Inhale as you lie down and hug your knees. Kneel down to the left and softly press them down with your left hand as you exhale. Next, turn to the right side and extend your right arm forward. Spend five to 10 breaths there. Inhale, then reposition your hands and knees in the middle. then on the opposite side, and repeat. 

3. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana 

It will loosen up your gut, allowing blood to circulate freely and, as a result, reducing bloating and pain. This pose is also referred to as the bridge pose. 

Kneel when lying on the ground. Keep your feet flat and your arms by your side. To give your chest a good stretch, raise your hips. Hold the stance while pressing one hip up to help your digestion. After five breaths, move to the opposite side. 

4. Paschimottanasana 


You can unwind and reduce all of the stress that is harming your digestion by performing this easy stretch. Also known as the “Seated Forward Bend Pose”. 

Sit down on the floor and push your legs out in front of you. Slowly lean forward towards your hips and lower your torso while holding a straight back. Take five to ten full breaths there. 

5. Balasana 

This straightforward exercise, often known as the child’s position or the resting pose, can be performed to achieve a calming stretch. At least five breaths should be taken in this position. 

With your legs wide apart, bend down on your knees and feet. While stretching your arms out in front of you, lean forward. Then, while maintaining a straight back, rest your forehead on the ground. 

6. Adho Mukha Savanasana 

Also known as the “Downward Facing Dog. A pose to stretch your entire body out to re-energize your body and mind. 

Place your feet hip-width apart while standing. Lean forward while maintaining a straight back, and place your palms on the floor. For at least five to ten breaths, maintain this position. 

7. Uttanasana 

Holding this position will help to strengthen your spine and relax your neck and back, as well as help out with bloating. This yoga pose is also known as the “Standing Forward Bend”. 

Stand with your legs apart and bend your waist forward. Placing your hands on the ground while maintaining a straight back.

Take a pause to breathe deeply for up to five minutes as you complete the workout. This is the ideal way to finish your yoga session for a last digestive system healing. 

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