8 Skills Your Child Should Learn At The Age Of 7

8 Skills Your Child Should Learn At The Age Of 7

At a time when kids are being taught coding, they are missing out on some essential stuff. Here is a look at them!
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At an age when your child should be learning and experiencing the world, it would be wrong to thrust him/her into something that does not give life lessons. Let your child run free and teach him the basics of life. Here are 8 important aspects of life which the earlier your learn the better it would be! 

Social skills are important 

Kids are fast learners. Apart from academic learning, good social skills are something all kids should learn in their budding years. Learning social skills in their early life gives them an advantage towards the later stages in their life. Kids tend to learn a lot when they do good socially. Studies have shown that good social skills help you acquire better education and better career outcomes as well.  


A by-product of acquiring social skills would be a honed framework of coordination.  

When children learn to work in teams, they tend to the understand the wins and losses, the importance and effects of hard work, and how to conduct yourself among peers. Team activities, sports can be great learning lessons for kids. 

The importance of understanding instructions 

Kids who follow directions well and pick up on task are more likely to be efficient and disciplined. When you are teaching them to impart a chore, they should understand the importance of the work at hand.  

Listening skills 

Just as you would encourage a child to open up, its important you teach your kid to be a good listener too. It will strengthen his or her communication skills, be more welcoming of others. A two conversation with elders who are more experienced should help in better understanding of objectives and obstacles. There is a stark contrast between listening and hearing; the earlier they are imparted to the child the better it is for them.  


We have grown up hearing that sharing is caring. It’s something all kids need to learn. Kids who share are likely to value and practice equality. They should understand how nice it is to share happiness and speak about things when upset. Communication plays a big role in this.  

Making eye contact 

Some kids often grow up shy and nervous. Talking to them about maintaining eye contact raises confidence and leads to positive social interaction skills with others. Maintaining eye contact is supposed to be an aspect of confidence and knowing how to hold yourself in front of others. Other aspects may be related to body language and how to conduct yourself i.e. when to cross your arms, how to sit, keeping your back straight, etc.  

Manners and etiquettes 

A well-mannered child is a well-behaved one, respectful and learns good social behaviour. Good social behaviour may involve how one should wish people during the day, evening and night. The importance of the right outfit and when to wear what. Good etiquettes can go a long way in their personal and professional life. Remember to impart the right lessons and be a good role model for them. 

Respecting others space and privacy 

Right from a young age, it’s good to teach kids the importance of maintaining distance and respect other privacy. Especially during a time like this, when we are in the middle of a pandemic. A time like this is good to tell kids about creating boundaries, be it physical or personal. Start by creating boundaries at home and establishing safe words. 

With the right lessons, right mindset and an even better attitude your child will be ready for the world even before you know!

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