Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

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There is nothing nobler than risking your life to save others. Shane Drossard did that and proves humanity is still alive in this world. Also, he proved that his name is another word for superhuman.

Drowning woman

Minneapolis native, Shane Drossard, is homeless, and wanders in search of a place to sleep, each night. One night he took shelter under the Washington Avenue Bridge. Around 2 am, as he was falling asleep, he heard a loud splash in the river. He became aware of a woman’s voice. He realized she survived the fall, but was caught in the fast-moving current.

Another Word For Superhuman - Shane Drossard

Drossard’s Rescue

Drossard didn’t waste a moment and jumped into the fast flowing river got into the river. He managed to reach and grab on to the woman. Holding her with one hand he used the other to maneuver them out of the river. It was difficult to shoulder the weight of two people, against the current, so he moved towards a nearby wall to prevent being swept away.

Brave and Humble

Drossard held on to the woman until help arrived. In due time an emergency crew helped them to safety and the woman was taken to the hospital. The firefighters offered Drossard shelter for the night, but he politely turned them down and headed back to his campsite, under the bridge.

A compassionate heart In an interview with WCCO, Shane was asked why he risked his life to save another’s? An emotional answered, “I just wanted to do something good for somebody.” He recalled while they waited for help to arrive, he told the woman she was beautiful and had so much to live for. He reassured her he was there for her and would not let go.

Shane Drossard’s amazing act of risking his life for a stranger’s gives hope and sets a great example. He is a real-life hero, not just for Minneapolis but for the world.


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