Blind Hyderabad Boy Has A Vision For The Future

Blind Hyderabad Boy Has A Vision For The Future

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Impaired vision is difficult and more so when it is snatched from you at the young age of ten. However, Hyderabad’s Eshwar Rao Javvdi did not let blindness deter him. The 20-year-old dreamt of becoming a lawyer when he was five and is on his way to realizing his dream.

First Hurdle

In an interview with India today, Eshwar said an interaction with a taxation lawyer in kindergarten is when he first knew he wanted to become a lawyer. He wanted to wear the black coat one day. When he was 10, he started losing his vision. He reveals, “That was my first challenge to accept a new world. Just a few days before I could see, write, could talk to people over video calls and stuff. But in a matter of few days, I lost my entire vision.” However, he accepted his condition and regained his confidence within a year.


Technology: A Boon

Eshwar uses technology to his advantage. He travelled to Kolkata to compete in the fourth Dr. Justice BP Saraf National Moot Court. He explains, “In law, you’ll have a lot of books, which cannot be translated into Braille and it’s a very cumbersome task to do so. Hence, I and many of my friends thought that it would be better for us to use audiobook technology as it’s easier, and not so expensive”. Although Eshwar did not make it to the semi-finals, organizers praised his will and effort to follow his dream.

Eshwar will soon graduate from Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) in Ahmedabad. He hopes to use his knowledge for the benefit of society. Eshwar’s effort and determination to make the best of his situation is truly inspirational and to be commended.


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