Answer Those Questions For Your Kids

Answer Those Questions For Your Kids

Children are curious by nature and so have plenty of questions. And, as a parent responding to them is quite important.
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In times like today, it is more important to raise a kid that is kind, patient and generous. But it is important to raise a kid who questions; questions that arise out of curiosity. As a parent, make it a point to respond to their questions while looking them in the eye or at least at them.

Questions are important

If you are pre-occupied with something, chances are that you might not answer your kid. But make it a point to answer their questions later. It is better that they get the right answers from you than looking for answers elsewhere and falling into the trap of believing the internet or ill-informed friends over you. 

Questioning is not being a rebel

Questioning is a kid’s natural of understanding the world and how it functions. It also helps them to form an opinion about what is right or what is wrong. If you are unsure of how to approach a question, or do not know the answer, ask for a day to get back to them with a well-informed and well-formed answer.

Communication and conversation helps
Communication and conversation helps | Image: File Image
Rebel without a reason

While setting limits, make your kid a part of the conversation. If you tell your kid that the time to get back home is 7pm and the kid asks ‘why’, be polite to list out the reasons. ‘Just because I said so’, sadly, is not an answer and would not help your kid understand the process behind your call-to-action. Chances are that the kid would rebel against you, if not reasoned politely.

Is conformist a bad thing

No, it is not. But it definitely reduces the chance of your kid exhibiting leadership qualities or question the existing status quo. If you as a parent do not like something/or a practice that has been happening in your country or around you, do you not voice your disagreement? Similarly, would you want your kid to silently suffer or stand up? A kid should rather believe in and do the right things than do things silently without knowing its consequence.

queries yourself is always good
Responding to their queries yourself is always good | Image: File Image
Sensitise your kids

Most importantly, with all the vulgar and uncensored content available at the press of a button, make sure you communicate enough with your kid. Answer their questions if they blatantly ask questions about any topic that makes you go red in the face. Do not shun the innocent questions from younger kids. The more you communicate, the more developed their brains and attitude would be.

A well-rounded personality is a result of relentless questioning and lots of answers. Talk to your kids about what is happening in your country, city, family but do not force your opinion on them. Let them think for themselves while you lay the strong foundation of right values for your shining star.

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