Auto Driver Makes Delhi Safer For Women At Night

Auto Driver Makes Delhi Safer For Women At Night

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Rising crime in India has given the country an unsafe reputation. The situation is dire for women travelling alone, in the light of incidents in the last few years. The police are trying their best to reduce the crime rate but the streets of India continue to evoke fear for many. The actions of good Samaritans trying to make Indian cities safer for women, stand out as a beacon of hope. A case in point is an auto driver in Delhi, who ferries women in the Indian capital after midnight, for free, to make sure they get home safe.


Neha Das worked late one evening and waited for an auto rickshaw, outside her office building. The streets were empty and foggy. An auto pulled up and offered her a ride. When Neha asked the driver about the fare, his response stunned her. The auto driver, Praveen Ranjan, told Neha- Madam I do not charge any fare from girls at this hour. Getting them safely home is of primary importance.

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During her six years in Delhi/NCR, Neha was frequently asked about the safety of women in the city. There are innumerable situations where women have been attacked but Praveen Ranjan has shown that there are also people who are genuine and keen to help. Neha was delighted to meet a sincere man like Praveen Ranjan. People like him are an inspiration to the community. After dropping her home, Ranjan refused to accept any payment.


Neha narrated her heart-warming interaction with Praveen Ranjan on her Facebook page and uploaded the photograph she’d taken. Neha wrote, “I stood there wondering if he is for real.” Thanks to her post, Praveen Ranjan became a hero.


Image: News18

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