Did You Know That Silica Gel Can Be Reused?

Did You Know That Silica Gel Can Be Reused?

Did you know that silica gel is desiccant, which means it can absorb moisture? Also, did you know that it has multiple uses?
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They come with almost everything we buy; from electronics to shoes they are there everywhere. Most times we don’t know what to do with them. But, silica gel has multiple uses. If you are thinking of chucking those packets in the bin, think again. For, they can be reused as well.

For your photos and documents

Keep these packets in the box where you store your photos and your important documents. Since silica gel absorbs moisture, your memories and records will remain dry.

silica gel
Protect your books from moisture with silica gel | Image: File Image
For your books

Humidity affects books; silica gel comes to the rescue here too in absorbing moisture. Toss some in the storage or bookcase and even keep a packet between the pages of the books to protect them.

For your clothes and luggage

Keep some packets in the pockets of your garments, especially leather wear and even shoes. Silica gel will preserve the material and leather as it absorbs moisture. It will also help in protecting your luggage and gym bag from moisture.

For your windshield

Keep some packets on the dashboard of your car when there’s high humidity. It will help in keeping your windshield clear of fog that is formed, especially in the monsoons. Also, you can keep them in eyeglass cases and in the corners of windowsills.

Silica gel is great for the camera
Silica gel is great for the camera too | Image: File Image
For your camera

Keeping a silica gel packet in the bag where you store your camera will protect it. The lens is sensitive to moisture and these packets are effective in safeguarding as the gel absorbs moisture.

For your silverware and tools

Silica gel prevents rusting, so you can keep the packets in your tool-box and also your alongside your silverware. This will keep the tools from rusting and the silver from tarnishing as the gel absorbs excess moisture.

Now that you know the various uses of silica gel, put those packets to good use.

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