Does Failing Really Helps Us Refocus And Realign?

Does Failing Really Helps Us Refocus And Realign?

Failing can be difficult but it teaches us invaluable life lessons.
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People often say, “failure teaches you a lesson, and later guides you to success.” It has happened to all of us at some point in life. We often feel it’s just a saying but it is actually true. Failure does teach us a lesson. For example, after losing in a race or a competition when you go back and notice the mistakes you made, you become more mindful while preparing for the next round. You want to make sure you eliminate those mistakes and give a better performance. We need to understand that all of us face failures in our lives, sometimes multiple times. We need to learn from them and put our best foot forward the next time around.   

Here’s what you can do instead of letting the negativity drown you.
Practice Practice Practice  

Practice makes you perfect is not just a saying. It is scientifically proven that repetition ensures memory retention and also makes you more confident. Analysing what went wrong the first time and then making a plan to fix that issue is very important. No matter how good you are, repetition is not going to harm you, in fact it will only make you better.   

Ask For Help

Clarifying your doubts, asking for extra help for a task only shows your dedication and enthusiasm, don’t let it make you feel inferior to your peers. It’s a sign that you’re willing to learn and ready to do anything that is required to give your best. Normalise asking for help, no matter in what situation. Don’t let the fear of judgement hold you back.

Make a time-table and stick to it  

You have heard this innumerable times but that is because it is the most important part to succeed. It’s good to have a time-table in place not just to fill your calendar but to keep track of everything you need to focus on. It’s important because it gives you the freedom to prioritise the things that are important to you. Once your priorities are made clear, your mind feels relaxed and receives a clear signal to focus on a particular task at one time. This gives you the mental strength to keep up with your day. Before making a time-table observe yourself and your daily routine for a week or so. Note down your most productive and lazy hours. Then while making the time-table, set the things that require you to be fully active during your most productive hours and things that you enjoy doing during the slump hours. Once you’ve a timetable in place you’ll easily be able to navigate through your day.

Learn to prioritise  

It is human to do more of those things that we love and put off the things that we don’t enjoy much. You need to look at the bigger picture before making your priority list. There will be a few things that are urgent and need to be done first because others are depending on you. You also need to keep the timeline in mind. If somethings take more time it is better to start it early so that you can finish it on time and without any last-minute hassle. Once you lock your priority list it’ll help you follow through your to-do list in a much easier way.

Know that it’s okay to fail  

It’s not the end of the world, even if it feels like it at that time. It’s crucial to remember that your failures do not define who you are, how you deal with those failures does. And sometimes failing is necessary for us to get our lives back on track. Failure gives us a not so rose-tainted perspective of how things could be. It also gives us the strength to accept and overcome our flaws for our own good.   

What did you learn from you very first failure? How did it shape you?  

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