Finding Balance: Meditation For New Mothers

Finding Balance: Meditation For New Mothers

Here’s a way for new mothers to find peace amongst the chaos of parenthood.
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New mothers can have a hard time doing their routine things such as sleep, eat, shower, and indulge in things that they enjoy. Let alone finding time to relax, new mothers barely have time to themselves and unwind. This results in an increase of stress, anxiety, mood swings and uneasiness in your daily life. 

Studies have shown that meditation can help you curb anxiety, reduce stress and more than anything else find you some calm amongst the craziness of life with a newborn.   

Taking good care of yourself will help in taking good care of your baby. Meditation is a good way to indulge in some self-care; it’s easy, flexible, and a good way to indulge in some constructive “me” time. Meditation will also help you keep mentally sharp, improve insomnia and even manage your eating habits.  

Here are some guidelines that you can follow to enhance and amplify your meditation experience. 

STEP 1: Find the right sitting position 

The first thing is to find the perfect spot, where you can sit or lie down and be comfortable. Look for a quiet and calm place. 

STEP 2: Converse freely with yourself 

Shutting off your brain during meditation is a popular myth. When in fact, that’s when you have a frank conversation with yourself without being judgmental or emotional. 

STEP 3: Breathe deeply at regular intervals 

Deep breathing cleanses your breath and eases concentration. Slow inhalations and exhalations are calming. It is also a great way to relax your tired body. 

Listen to this guided meditation to feel better. 

Establishing a meditation practice for a new mother will create a positive habit that you can adapt as your child grows, and as and when you encounter new parenting challenges you have meditation to back you up.   

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