Grief: Understanding The First Of The Four Pillars Of Buddha

Grief: Understanding The First Of The Four Pillars Of Buddha

Our thoughts and desires make us sad and it leads to grief. Read on to know how Buddha explains this.
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After Siddhartha, the crown prince left his princely splendour in search of truth and attain enlightenment, he became Gautama Buddha. He then dedicated his life to spreading awareness about the truth of life. Gautama Buddha believed in accepting the truth rather than giving false consolation and in order to become aware of this truth, he expounded the four Aryan truths, the first of which is ‘grief’. Let’s know why Gautam Buddha said that life is full of sorrows. 

‘Dukh’ means pain or dissatisfaction with life. According to the Buddha, a person can fulfill his desires, but ‘grief’ whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, cannot be avoided. Just as the body suffers due to some kind of disease, we are emotionally unhappy when we leave or are separated from our world, but we cannot change the circumstances, it has to be accepted. 

Types of suffering according to Buddhism 

In Buddhism, it is recognised that unhappiness is a part of everyone’s life and this grief can be of many types such as- 

Suffering – Every person undergoes physical, mental, and emotional suffering and cannot change it. You cannot run away from such misery, it has to be accepted. 

Viparinama dukkha – This sorrow is related to change. Some people are unable to accept the changes in life and become unhappy. We all that life is full of ups and down, happy and sad experiences are a part of life. When a person remains in denial with this cycle it causes unhappiness. Because he is not able to accept the change of grief after happiness. 

Sankhara dukkha – It is the pain of existence, that is, when dissatisfaction arises from existence, the person is unhappy. The reason for such misery is not external, but internal. 

This statement is meaningful even today 

‘Man is unhappy’ is absolutely true what Gautam Buddha said. Actually, even today, a person accepts his sorrows and instead of finding a solution, sinks into that sorrow. Perhaps this is the reason why depression and mental troubles are becoming more common nowadays.  

How can we get rid of sadness? 

– Learn to accept what you are feeling. 

– Think of a solution with a calm mind. 

– If someone has been separated in life, then Buddha advises to move on, time heals wounds. 

– Learn to adopt change and try to adapt to it. 

– Try to change your thinking and learn to control desires. 

Gautama Buddha says that one should not get entangled in what has passed, do not worry about the future, and learn to live in the present. 

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