Here’s The Best Way To Manage COVID-19 Anxiety

Here’s The Best Way To Manage COVID-19 Anxiety

It’s not clickbait, the below tips will really help you alleviate stress.
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Slowly but surely, the COVID-19 anxiety is catching up. It’s a war-zone, outside in the world as well as in our minds. While talking to friends, venting out, or seeking support from your family will surely help, but only to a certain extent. Why so? Because we all are on the same boat.

Everyone is struggling, and it is understandable. This is why the following tips will help you keep your boat afloat, and help those around you too.

Limit your social media usage

Get your information from reliable sources, pass it on to people to need it, and then stop the mindless scrolling. Social media will feed you a lot of unwanted news that will only clog up your mind. A mindful detox is necessary. If you can, don’t begin your day with news or social media. It will only make you upset, and you don’t want to start your day like that.

Respect your body

Maintaining a healthy body is necessary, but don’t do it as a precautionary measure or out of panic, take care of it as a habit. Love it and nourish it. It’s kept you healthy, and you’re surviving a pandemic because of it. Eat good food, exercise, and respect your body’s needs.

Make mindfulness a part of your routine

All of us realised the importance of good mental health during the pandemic. Be it meditation, deep breathing, or listening to calming music and mantras, select whatever you like, and do it. Follow it proactively and make it a crucial part of the day. Practice twice a day for a short duration if required.

Take out me-time

Leave the excuse of ‘I don’t have the time’ outside the door. One of the many things that kept us going during these times was doing something we loved. It’s for you, don’t procrastinate or delay it. Not leaving the house, and following the same routine every single day, will make you lethargic. Shake up your brain cells and engage in some activity. You know you’ll feel good after you do it. Anything you like, just pick a time and do it.

Limit COVID talks

Don’t let the pandemic dominate every conversation you have. It’s not easy to be cheery when things are crumbling, but even talking about your day-to-day activities can help you take your mind off the current situation, even if it’s for some time. Talk, reach out, ask, answer, you never know how much you or the other person needed it until you do it.

It’s always the little changes that carry out bigger changes. We hope these tips help you! Stay home, stay safe!

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