How Can You Amicably Resolve Conflicts With A Co-worker?

How Can You Amicably Resolve Conflicts With A Co-worker?

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Different people, different minds, different thinking; with so many people working under the same roof, disagreements are inevitable. Be it due to a personal or professional reason, a tiff with your co-worker can affect your performance, as well the output of the team as a whole. Don’t kick the can down the road, confront them as soon as possible. How?

Embrace the conflict

When conflict arises, you should not pretend that nothing has happened. Ignoring the conflict will only increase tensions. As a result, the conflict will only worsen. It is better to deal with such uncomfortable situations immediately.

Talk it out

Talking can resolve the biggest of problems | Image: File Image

In case you want to discuss any issues with a colleague or a senior, set up a designated place and time. This will allow you to have an extended conversation without any interruptions. Engage in a healthy productive discussion and don’t play the blame game.

Listen carefully

It is essential to give your complete attention to the speaker without interrupting them. Listening should always be about understanding and gaining trust. It is wise to not react to the other person’s words immediately. Listen, understand, and then take your call.

Find some agreement

Establish some common ground. Find something you both agree upon and build on it. This will prove your willingness to resolve the issue and build a trustworthy relationship.

Provide guidance

If you are in a leadership position, you will have to mediate work conflict. It is up to you to make people work together amicably without much reason of conflict. You must never take sides. Advise well and highlight the positive aspects of the process.

Be quick to forgive

Every conflict needs to be and can be resolved. The easiest way to resolve any conflict is to apologise whole-heartedly. Once you and the other person are aware of your wrongdoings, don’t wait to apologise for it.

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