How Green Is Your Wardrobe? Pave The Way To Sustainable Clothing

How Green Is Your Wardrobe? Pave The Way To Sustainable Clothing

Did you know that fashion is the second-largest polluter of the environment, only second to oil? It is; and we cite the benefits of eco-friendly clothing as a fashion choice.
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These days there’s a lot of noise about saving the environment with even corporates jumping into the fray and doing their bit. Not to mention individuals too pitching in, in their own way. So, while we go about planting saplings, getting plants for the home, even gifting them, minimising or eliminating the use of plastic entirely, not littering, using paper prudently, using solar energy, and so on and so forth, do we ever look into our wardrobes? We don’t…but we should. For, our clothes are one of the biggest culprits in ruining the environment. But you can turn to eco-friendly sustainable clothing that not only helps you save the ecosystem but is also good for health. Here’s how…

Why sustainable clothing?

Sustainable clothing makes for a great alternative to synthetic or regular fabrics. There are piles and piles of fashion waste generated daily. These are used by many labels to create stylish and trendy garments while being eco-friendly. Besides, opting for such clothes also helps us detox our lives as we tend to keep accumulating clothes thus blocking space. In turn, this adds to the clutter and by choosing sustainable fashion we naturally detox our homes as well as our lives while also getting organised.

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Benefits of sustainable clothing

Any kind of allergies or skin irritations are never a worry with sustainable clothes as these are often made out of organic fabric that is easily decomposed. Also, natural dyes are used in such clothing for colour instead of chemicals further making them great for the skin. Since there’s no dry cleaning needed for these garments, maintenance is easy as well. They also don’t even lose their shine, besides being of better quality. And, contrary to what most believe, eco-friendly clothes are fashionable, stylish and trendy. So you can very well amp up your fashion quotient in them.

What’s more, since sustainable clothing is longer lasting and does not wear off easily, it stays with us longer thus generating less waste, in turn helping save the ecosystem. Also, even after some clothing becomes unusable, it can serve some other purpose (there’s always some usability) and after being dumped eventually, it goes back into the environment quickly since it’s biodegradable.

And most importantly, it’s good for the animals as leather, fur, and silk clothing is most often harmful for them and cruelty-free clothing contributes to preserving life, hence preserving Nature. Another important aspect of sustainable garments is to check if it is under the Fair Trade Act, which safeguards the welfare of workers and are not working under unhealthy conditions with unfair wages. Hence, you are contributing to the environment by making an ethical choice to include sustainable clothing in your environment.

So, do make an informed and ethical choice of clothing while doing a huge favour to the environment.  

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