How To Practice Kindness To Others: 21 Acts Of Kindness

How To Practice Kindness To Others: 21 Acts Of Kindness

Acts of kindness make us feel good, valuable, and alive. We're highlighting a few ways to help you get started.
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Kindness is described in the dictionary as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. But kindness is way beyond that, kindness is about one’s ability to put think about others’ feelings without knowing or fully understanding their situation. It’s all about making someone else’s day a little better, making them smile a little more. So, how to practice kindness to others and yourself?

One thing to remember is that being kind does not require a reason or doesn’t require us to struggle to do. Kindness is easy and should be free-flowing. Here are easy-to-follow acts of kindness to help you get started on this journey.  

How To Practice Kindness To Others

  1. Smile. It’s as simple as that, smile at a stranger today, you don’t know what the other person is going through and just by smiling at them, you can make their day better.  
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  1. Just listen. Many of our friends seek us to vent out their feelings, and our first reaction is to help them out, but maybe the best way to do that is just by listening to what they are saying.  
  1. Give a genuine compliment. No, not about their looks or style, but about their work or personality. Tell your colleague how much you appreciate their hard work and tell your mom how she makes each day special.  
  1. Help out at home. Take some load off of your parents or your partner, they’ll surely appreciate it. 
  1. Hold the lift or a door open for someone, you’ll help them avoid a bit of frustration and work. 
  1. Tip your service workers. They work relentlessly to make your life comfortable, maybe this time you return a favour.  
  1. Give up your seat on the metro or a bus. Maybe you can just help out a fellow passenger by sharing your seat. 
  1. Ask questions. Show your curiosity when someone is sharing something with you. It’ll help you understand them better and make them feel more secure and appreciated.  
  1. Remember little details. Making a mental note of someone’s personal details will help you connect with them better. Remembering the name of your colleague’s dog will help you connect with them better, and make them feel special.   
  1. Make dinner. Surprise your parents, your partner or your friends by making dinner for them.  
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  1. Donate to a charity. Find that one cause that you empathise with and donate to it. 
  1. Volunteer. If possible, take some time out of your busy schedule and volunteer at a nursing home, orphanage or charity of your choice. If you’re good with animals you can volunteer at a rescue shelter too. 
  1. Support your local shops. Instead of purchasing something basic like your fruits, vegetables or dairy online, step out and buy it from your local shops. It may be a bit inconvenient for you, but hey, exercise! 
  1. Post a positive comment or revive. After you visit a restaurant, especially something local, post a revive or leave a comment for the staff. It’ll barely take five minutes but it’ll make a lot of them happy.  
  1. Lend a helping hand. We see people struggling with their baggage a lot. Next time lend a hand and help them carry it to their vehicle from the supermarket or to the lift. 
  1. Be punctual. It’s important that you respect your own time but it’s more important that you respect others’ time. Being on time is a non-negotiable deal you must make with yourself. 
  1. Thoughtful gifts. Giving gifts during birthdays and festivals is a show of love and gratitude, but make sure your gift is well thought out and not something random. While gifting keep the other person’s needs and likes in mind. 
  1. Respect boundaries. All of us have boundaries, some clearly state what they are and sometimes we need to grab them ourselves. But it’s important to understand each person’s boundaries and respect them.  
  1. Cheer up a loved one. When you sense that someone you care about is feeling low, send them a care package or spend time with them to help cheer them up a bit. You just need to remind them that you’re there by their side and you care about them. 
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  1. Be patient in traffic. Being stuck in traffic can be frustrating, but hold your cool, and do not honk or shout at other passengers.  
  1. Say ‘I love you’. It’s important that you express your love to the people you care about through words, say I love you to your parents, partners, children, friends, colleagues, or anyone that you care about, don’t miss another day without saying this to them.  

To help you be kind to yourself and to others, try the loving-kindness mediation called Foster Deeper Connections by TRM Master Nejra Bkran on the app.

Hope these help you set on a kindness streak. 

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