How To Take Care of Your Pets This Winter 

How To Take Care of Your Pets This Winter 

Help your fur babies beat the cold with these simple and easy tips.
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We all experience an unexpected mood shift caused by weather changes, especially during the winter. And just like us, our pets also get affected by sudden weather fluctuations. The signs are there, and as pet owners, we need to be aware of them to take care of our pets as they might not be as visible (since fur babies don’t vocally complain about the weather). 

When the temperature drops, we need to be prepared to protect our fur babies. And it’s that time of the year where you should show some extra care for your pets.

7 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe And Warm During The Harsh Winter 

1. Know what temperatures they can handle 

Avoid leaving your pet outside for an extended period of time since hypothermia can be fatal. Small animals, elderly dogs and cats, and dogs with short hair should not be taken outside if the wind chill index is below 20 degrees. If you do want to take them outside, though, dress them in a knit sweater. This will aid in reducing their chill. 

2. Keep outdoor hours during the daytime 

Although there are no hard and fast guidelines for how long pets should be left outside in the winter, but when pets are outdoors, owners should keep a close eye on them and look for any symptoms of pain. While brief walks and play sessions may be OK during the day, once your pet starts to get cold, it’s time to head inside and have some warmer fun. 


3. Make sure their bedding is warm and comforting 

It’s better not to let your pet sleep on the cold floor during the winter. Long-term exposure to the chilly floor may make them feel ill. There are many different sizes and types of bedding and beds for animals. In the winter, dog owners can choose from a variety of bedding alternatives for their pets, including pads, blankets, and quilts. 

4. Moisturize, especially their paw pads and noses 

Aside from the dryness of winter, there are other ways for dog paws to be harmed this time of year. The paw pads may become compressed and snow-covered, which can hurt. There are a number of dog paw moisturisers available, including creams or lotions designed to make dry pads feel softer. Applying a small layer of coconut oil, Vaseline, or another product designed especially for pets on a daily basis will keep a dry, winter nose healthy and clean. 

5. Refrain from overfeeding your pet 

When your pet is well-fed, their body will undoubtedly remain a little warmer than when they are undernourished. In order to make sure they chew and stay active between meals, you can give them nutritious treats. Exercise outdoors in the winter demands more energy, which in turn requires more food. That’s why it’s crucial to be careful because pets are more likely to put on weight during the winter. Pets who maintain a regular weight range are less likely to get hurt or become ill than overweight pets. 


6. Keep your pet hydrated 

Throughout the year, dehydration can harm your pet. Making sure your pet has access to enough fresh water at all times, both at home and while out and about, is absolutely essential. 

7. Groom your pet 

During the winter, your pet’s coat is the only thing keeping him warm. Puppies and older dogs may need additional help since they have more trouble controlling their body temperature. The winter is an excellent time to consider your pet’s diet and how it affects his coat. 

By following the measures mentioned above, you can help ensure a safe and fun playtime this winter for your pet. 

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