How You Can Overcome Grief And Anxiety Explained By India’s Leading Healer

How You Can Overcome Grief And Anxiety Explained By India’s Leading Healer

"Form a relationship with your feelings to get over anxiety and sorrow" - explained by meditation expert Vidisha Kaushal.
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Today, due to the global pandemic, people are not only struggling with problems like losing jobs or getting laid off, but they are also losing their loved ones. It has become a huge concern that even after taking precautions we aren’t immune to corona. It is natural to feel grief and anxiety under such circumstances. As we go through this crisis together it becomes very important to handle these feelings properly. recently did a webinar to understand and explain how to cope with these feelings. The webinar was anchored by Sound Healing and Meditation Expert Vidisha Kaushal, who elaborated on 5 ways to overcome grief and anxiety. 


It is often seen that we do not want to understand and accept our feelings. It is impossible to overcome feelings like anxiety or sorrow if we don’t try to understand them. Fear is the major reason for ignoring these feelings. We are afraid that our feelings of worry or sorrow are our enemies, and that they will hamper our positivity. This results in us ignoring them and never overcoming them.

Vidisha especially stressed, “We should adopt these emotions as our friends.” Ignoring and running away from them is not the solution, but do remember to not let these emotions overwhelm you excessively. ” 

Face them 

Now that you have identified and accepted your feelings. Listen to them without any hesitations. You have to treat them as to how you would treat a guest. Accept them, listen to them, talk to them, make them feel comfortable, and understand them. Vidisha said that only when you listen to your feelings, when you listen to the emotions like sorrow and anxiety, you’ll feel good and you can find a solution. 

Don’t resort to criticism 

Vidisha explained this very deeply by giving the example of a child. When the child gets hurt or he comes home after fighting with a friend, you listen to him with great calmness. The child starts to calm down by talking about it and forgets it after a while. If you do not listen to the child and scold him then he starts misbehaving or gets angry. In the same way, if you listen to your feelings with great love, and understanding, then these feelings automatically begin to calm themselves. If you do not hear and understand, then it also enters your mind and becomes a part of your behaviour. 

Let the emotions flow 

When you understand these feelings, then let them flow. Some people cry, some people write and vent their feelings. Take out the pain inside you, otherwise, the body will become will attract diseases. Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes daily is also a good way to get rid of grief and anxiety.  

If you still feel that you are not able to handle grief and anxiety and it’s overwhelming you, then it’s wise to seek professional help. 


The best way to reduce grief or anxiety is to eliminate harmful habits and concentrate on building positive ones. Reducing activities such as consuming excessive news or arguing with someone will definitely help you ease up. Look at what you follow on social media to see if it is affecting your mind. Increasing the positive activities means that you learn to take care of yourself, just like looking at the sky or the beauty of plants. Save your ideas and write them somewhere. Appreciate what you have and look at the society around you, find ways to help and give back to society. 

So, calm down and thank life. Appear to others not as a victim, but as a changed powerful human being. Believe in yourself and life will look very beautiful. 

Watch the webinar here.

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