ISRO To Launch Chandrayaan-3 By November 2020

ISRO To Launch Chandrayaan-3 By November 2020

In a second bid to land on the Moon, ISRO’s preparation for Chandrayaan-3 has taken flight.
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ISRO scientists did not let a failed mission dim their dream of landing on the Moon. Taking their lessons from it, they are all set to work on Chandryaan-3 with a deadline of November 2020.

Things are being streamlined and ISRO has formed multiple committees – an overall panel and three sub-committees. Also, at least four high-level meetings have been held since October.

So far 10 specific aspects of the mission, including landing site selection, local and absolute navigation, are being closely looked into. This time around, the mission will include only a lander and rover, since the orbiter from Chandrayaan-2 is functioning well.

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An overview committee investigated the recommendations of various sub-committees on propulsion, sensors, overall engineering, guidance, and navigation while reviewing the configuration of Chandrayaan-3 on 12th November.

An office order which was issued on October 5th instructs: “It is essential to carry out detailed analysis on the changes for improving the lander system considering the recommendations of both the expert committee (formed to look into Chandrayaan-2) and the recommendations which could not be implemented due to advanced stage of Chandrayaan-2 flight preparation.” 

The top priority for the new mission is ‘strengthening the legs of the lander’, which allows it to land even with a high velocity.

A billion people are hoping for this dream to translate into reality. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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