Landscapers Create A Perfect Social Distancing Park

Landscapers Create A Perfect Social Distancing Park

As social distancing has become a major concern, these landscape designers have visualised a perfect social distancing park.
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Maintaining a safe physical distance has become crucial in the current scenario. But social distancing has also become a reason for people to lack exercise and a reason to not step out and get some fresh air, which is very essential for overall wellbeing.

This is a new challenge that landscape designers have met head-on. They are dreaming of creating natural spaces that can be safely used in the future.

Studio Precht, a design house in Austria, has come up with a very innovative idea about how a vacant plot in Vienna can be used, allowing people to move outdoors while maintaining social distancing.

The design studio laid out a plan with a maze-like pattern, also known as ‘Parc de la Distance’. The park is ideated as a human fingerprint. With parallel lanes running along each other. Each strip is lined with huge shrubs.

perfect social distancing park
‘Parc de la Distance’ – The perfect social distancing park | Image: Studio Precht

“Like a fingerprint, parallel lanes guide visitors through the undulating landscape. Every lane has a gateway on the entrance and exit, which indicates if the path is occupied or free to stroll. The lanes are distanced 240cm from each other and have a 90cm wide hedge as a division,” designer Chris Precht stated during his talk with The Architect’s Newspaper.

The paths are lined with reddish granite gravel. Each path is approximately 600m long and the height of the hedges differ throughout the path. At times the stroller is fully immersed by nature, while at parts they can see across the garden, throughout maintaining a safe physical distance with one another.

This really innovative idea that these landscapers have come up with can be very useful and fun if it becomes a reality. And this park also offers an ideal and unique getaway for strollers in bustling urban areas.

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