Learn To Take Charge Of Your Emotions

Learn To Take Charge Of Your Emotions

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It is one thing to be emotional and empathetic. It is another to be an emotional fool. Emotions are one’s state of mind. How well we manage them defines our emotional quotient (EQ). However, there are some people who are unable to understand or manage their emotions. They are over-emotional, and more often than not, end up being hurt while taking care of others. It is important to have a balanced and healthy EQ which will help us in navigating our own feelings as well as others around us. So why not try to pick up a few tricks to increase your emotional quotient?

Don’t interrupt your thoughts

Ask yourself at least twice a day how you are feeling. Give yourself some uninterrupted time and have an insight into your thoughts.

Don’t be judgemental of your feelings

Emotions, at least healthy ones, are like a sine wave. They rise and fall in their own sweet time. Do not try to be judgemental of them and control them.

Know how to express yourself

It is important to be able to express yourself honestly no matter how complicated the situation may be. This may even include having to say no at times. And you should do this without any feeling of guilt or shame. 

Rely on your gut

Your body or your instincts will always whisper in your ear. If you want to know exactly how you feel, learn to trust and listen to your body and your instincts.

Listen to your unconscious feelings

Psychologists say that our dreams always have some meaning. We must pay close attention to what our subconscious mind says. Maybe keep a dream diary or think about the dreams you have had. It will help you uncover underlying emotions.

Know when enough is enough

There comes a time when one must stop looking inwards and should focus on things surrounding them. Studies have shown that encouraging people to dwell upon negative emotions simply amplifies them. Emotional intelligence involves not only the ability to assess your own feelings. But also, how to present yourself in the world. This very EQ will make you a stronger, more independent human being.

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