Meet The Duo Behind ‘The Ayurveda Co.’ India’s Newest Skincare Brand

Meet The Duo Behind ‘The Ayurveda Co.’ India’s Newest Skincare Brand

Freshly launched in 2020, The Ayurveda Co. is one of the fastest growing Indian skincare brands.
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Beautiful inside is beautiful outside – that’s the thought on which Param Bhargava and Shreedha Singh build their brand – The Ayurveda Co. Healing is at the heart of all their products, and you’re given nothing but the best blends of Ayurveda, that nourish your body and hair. They started their journey not long ago, but with consistent efforts and quality products, today their brand is recognised as a FEMINA Power Brand for 2021.

But how did they achieve so much so soon? Shreedha Singh unveils their success story. Tell us about the turning point in your personal or professional life that impacted who you are today.

SS: A few years ago, the corporate hustle, weather, and pollution levels in the city of Gurugram had put a reasonable amount of stress on my body. It took a physical form of rashes on the skin, diagnosed as hives (Urticaria) and turned into a chronic skin condition that was physically visible and affected my mental health.

I visited numerous doctors and dermatologists, which yielded little return as the medicines mainly targeted suppressing the condition. After battling chronic hives (Urticaria) for a prolonged period, I found myself seeking a solution through Ayurveda treatment in Kochi, Kerala. It ended up being a life-altering phase. After a few months of treatment, Ayurveda had given me the priceless gift of peace of mind – something that other therapies had utterly failed to achieve. So, how did the idea behind the brand come up?

SS: My personal experiences with the Miracles of Ayurveda paved the way for my discovery, what I am doing today. It was something I wanted to share which led me to find my brands – Khadi Essentials & The Ayurveda Co.

Param Bhargava How has the journey with The Ayurveda Co. been so far?

SS: It is still a baby that is just born. From team building to conceptualizing, identification to execution, and launch until today, it has been inspiring and humbling at once. How do you want people to remember you? Your legacy.

SS: I want to be remembered as someone who created value in people’s lives and the business ecosystem, someone who inspired people to give back to the world more than they took and make it better than it was. What does a day in the life of Shreedha look like?

SS: There is an irony here because as painstakingly organised I am with everything; my days are usually quite dynamic. Usually starting with yoga and meditation, then checking up on work and getting ready for the day. During office hours, I am switching gears across multiple functions and brainstorming with the team. After work, I like to catch up with family and occasionally go for a stroll. How do you unwind and rejuvenate yourself?

SS: For days that require an extra effort to relax, I go for meditation or soulful music. Also, I prefer a quiet time with myself, by curling up with a book or reflecting on myself. Having a reflective session, even for a few minutes, gives me peace of mind.

At the end of the day, your mental peace paves the way for a peaceful life. In spite of all the hustle, Shreedha finds a way to keep herself sane and sound through meditation and various mindfulness activities. What do you do for your mental peace?

You can shop their products here.

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