Meet The Master: Sai Keshav, An Expert Of Naada Yoga

Meet The Master: Sai Keshav, An Expert Of Naada Yoga

Get to know the newest master of our TRM family, Sai Keshav, who is an expert at yoga and healing.
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The TRM list of masters includes the most talented and well-known experts of meditation and yoga. Adding to this, is Sai Keshav, a young Indian mystic who practices Naada Yoga. He combines the power of music and healing to bring about inner transformation.  


Growing up in an extremely spiritual environment, at home and at school prompted him down this path. Being an integral factor in his life, he had embraced spirituality and mysticism long before he realised it. At a very young age, whenever he heard spiritual music, it made Master Sai reflect on the nature of the music and it’s impact. Since His contemplation ran so deep that he reached a state of Dhyana or Meditation. This made him realise how Naada or Sound, and Dhyana are interrelated.  

The Significance of Sounds and Silence

Sai Keshav believes that being immersed in sounds all day makes it imperative to be conscious of what you are exposing yourself to. Ending a stressful day of constant noise with a mellow song can be healing in a very powerful way. While this may temporary, through his teachings, Master Sai focuses on the kind of sounds that you are exposed to. He draws a parallel with the sounds that would bring greater awareness and healing to the soul. The best part about creating an environment of healing through music is the absence of any side effects.

sound healing
Sound and Healing

While sounds play a powerful role in your life, the role of silence cannot be understated. Sai Keshav reiterates that true healing takes place in between two sounds, in the depths of silence. Each sound acts as a trigger to let the healing process commence. While the moments of silence are the intervals when healing actually takes place. 

From a Mystic’s Diary

On being privy to Divine guidance that he wanted to share with others, Master Sai wrote ‘From a Mystic’s Diary’. He wanted to accurately recant his experiences that influenced his methods and techniques. Since it is a book that travels beyond the physical realm, it encourages the youth and beginners to explore the world of Mysticism. H accurately states, “To explore the world of meditation as a first timer, you must be able to let go. That’s the secret. “

The years of practicing meditation and healing techniques have meant that Sai Keshav’s entire life has become a meditative journey. Hence it is no longer a separate entity from him or his meditative journey. Moreover, with constant and dedicated practice, he has found a meditative space in every process of life. If you’d like to learn more about Master Sai’s meditative techniques, tune in to the app!

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