Motivation VS Discipline: 7 Ways You Can Workout Consistently 

Motivation VS Discipline: 7 Ways You Can Workout Consistently 

Motivation gets you out of bed, but discipline gets you out of bed without hesitation. How can you harness both to workout consistently?
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It is very easy to get stuck in a wellness rut. We are all familiar with the sensation of lacking the drive to workout at the gym or even take a brief stroll outside, most people struggle with working out consistently. Even the finest of us experience it occasionally, but when we lack motivation, we frequently give up. 

Motivation gets you out of bed and sitting up, but discipline gets you out of bed without hesitation. Although being motivated to exercise is a fantastic sensation, discipline is what will get you through the days when you’d prefer to do nothing at all. 

What Distinguishes Motivation From Discipline, Especially While Working Out?

The formal definition of discipline is “training that moulds you”. Not merely acting or perhaps even possessing the will to act is required; you must prepare yourself to incorporate beneficial practises and habits into your daily routine. Discipline is what turns something unusual into second nature when it involves physical activity. 

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On the other hand, motivation identifies the reasoning behind an action. Why do you get up early to exercise before work? When it’s been days and you still can’t quite get your chin to the pullup bar, why do you keep returning to the bar? You’re motivated because you’re pursuing a goal. 

When it comes to exercising, self-control is something we all deal with. Yet, there are a few useful tactics you can use to help develop the discipline to exercise and achieve fitness goals. Let’s dive in and discover more about how to develop the discipline to exercise consistently and actually improve your health- 

7 Ways You Can Workout Consistently

1. Make A Strong ABC Goal 

Making a compelling ABC goal is one of the first things you’ll want to do to help you develop the necessary levels of self-discipline for working out. A goal of ABC is what? In the simplest terms, it is an attainable, believable, and committable objective. 

 You can make it more appealing to you by formulating an ABC goal. And it’s a compelling objective that will motivate you to work towards it consistently over time. The objective should, in essence, be something you believe is doable. It should be a goal of which you are incredibly proud and capable of committing, and you must also sincerely believe that you can achieve it in a feasible time frame. 

2. Start Small 

If you’ve never worked out, it’s ideal to just start with the basics to establish the habit you want, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day of exercise. 

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Here, it’s crucial to start exercising and to set your mind to improve your health. Why? Every act of discipline you perform fosters more discipline. Thus, if you don’t exercise at all, start today by simply taking a short walk around the block. And if you feel like it tomorrow, walk a little bit further. Do a few push-ups the next day if you’re feeling up to it. 

3. Plan Out A Proper Game Plan 

All of us occasionally become distracted by mundane activities. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid missing an exercise due to an emergency. But in the majority of situations, poor time management is responsible. Making time for exercise and planning ahead are the answers. 

See your workouts as crucial appointments. Prepare yourself the night before by packing a backpack with everything you’ll need and leaving it by the doorway if you intend to workout away from home. In the event you lose something or come across an unexpected occasion to exercise, keeping a bag filled with “emergency” workout gear in your car might also be helpful. 

4. Get Yourself A Workout Partner 

Exercise becomes more fun when you exercise with a companion. If someone is counting on you, you’re most likely to show up. Having the ideal companion is obviously important. 

Unbelievable as it may seem, having a gym buddy might really help you maintain the discipline to exercise. You will be more motivated to exercise and improve your health if you simply team up with someone else who shares your goals. 

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5. Try The Goldilocks Rule 

The Goldilocks Rule is a guiding principle. In short, this rule suggests that people are most driven to workout consistently just outside of their present comfort zones. To put it another way, what they’re doing is just right, not too hard nor too easy. Making sure that the exercises you perform to achieve your objective fall within the Goldilocks range is how you may use this rule to increase your exercise discipline. 

In other words, if you haven’t worked up to it, don’t strive for workouts that are overly hard. When it comes to exercising, act as though it feels nice or just right, like Goldilocks. You’ll be so much more likely to stick to your fitness routine if you do this at first. 

6. Make Your Workouts Shorter 

The likelihood that you’ll stick to your workout improves due to the shorter time commitment and the idea that splitting up exercises into intervals might make it more enjoyable. In one study, researchers discovered that while exercising on their own for a month, participants with prediabetes were more likely to stick to an easy programme than to constant high-intensity activities. 

7. Have Fun  

You might not think of the word “fun” whenever you think about exercising. Yet making it a game might help you enjoy exercise and encourage you to continue. A rising variety of fitness applications immerse players in thrilling adventures where they must escape from Alcatraz, battle aliens, escape from zombies, or save the world. Similar to fitness game applications, other media like audio books, podcasts, movies, or TV episodes can help you pass the time while working out and distract you from any difficulties you may be experiencing. By doing this, you’ll have something to anticipate and associate working out with a treat you wouldn’t otherwise get. 

Start with a motivating goal, begin slowly, make sure the fitness programme you choose feels correct, don’t be afraid to ask for the support of some friends in your new fitness endeavours, and hire a reliable fitness coach. If you follow these tips, you’ll be astonished by just how disciplined and driven you become to exercise. You’ll be pleased by your improved health, but more significantly, you’ll be amazed by your newfound exercise discipline. 

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