Once the Pandemic Is Over, Travel Will Be More Exciting And Cheaper

Once the Pandemic Is Over, Travel Will Be More Exciting And Cheaper

At what speed will you fasten your seatbelts if we tell you that these cities and countries that will pay you to visit them once the pandemic is over?
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In the wake of COVID-19, the entire world had shut down. Travel became a complete no-no. This situation hit hard upon the economies that thrive majorly on tourism. With the world gradually opening up many countries are offering major discounts on holiday packages and travels. Here are seven countries that will pay you back to visit some of their fascinating destinations.  

Cancun, Mexico 

Cancun is one of the favourite vacation spots in Mexico. Due to the pandemic, it has seen a major downhill curve in its tourist visits. As it slowly opens ups all the fancy properties and beaches to attract more tourists, they’re offering a tempting ‘Come to Cancun 2X1’ deal. You are eligible for one free night on one of the properties at Cancun for every two nights that you spend there. This deal also covers your flight fares if you choose one of the partner airlines.  

The United Kingdom 

Being one of the worst-hit countries, the UK is using tourism to help lift its economy. To get a better response by those who wish to visit the country after they open the gates for tourists, the government has decided to set aside funds to sponsor those who fly to the UK. 

Sicily, Italy 

Italy is a country that thrives on tourism, therefore, the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide lockdown has hit the country the hardest. To attract tourists to visit the country post-pandemic, Sicily promises to reimburse 50% of the airfare. And along with offers such as free one-night stays and free entry to Sicily’s museums and other tourist destinations is definitely a reason enough to visit the country post-pandemic.  


Bulgaria is undoubtedly the best place to travel for beach lovers post-pandemic. Already being among one of the most reasonable beach vacation spots. The offers for post-pandemic tourism makes it the perfect budget travel beach destination. All the major beach expenses such as sun loungers, sunbeds, even tables at the beach will be paid by the authorities. Visiting Bulgaria can be a total win! 


Though many countries are opening up for tourism the risk of COVID-19 is not completely over. Therefore, Cyprus will pay for your vacation if you catch the virus while you’re on vacation there. This might not seem very promising but with other travel subsidies, it is quite tempting.   (CAN USE BETTER WORDS)


Covering a range of offers, discounts, and vouchers, Japan has put in place a tourism program after pouring in about 12.5 billion dollars towards subsidising travel expenses. Once the world opens up and the tourism starts, you are eligible for travel subsidies from Japan. But only if you directly book flights with Japanese travel agencies or directly contact the hotels or Ryokan inns.  

Las Vegas, USA 

Las Vegas is the most entertaining city of the world with its exciting nightlife, famous casinos and worlds best hotels. To keep the city alive and thriving, Derek Stevens, a hotel CEO has offered 1000 free flights post the pandemic.  

Grab these amazing deals and travel to these fascinating destinations on a budget post the pandemic!   

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