These IIT-Kanpur Professors Are Extending Hands Of Good-Will!

These IIT-Kanpur Professors Are Extending Hands Of Good-Will!

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There is no greater act of humanity than helping the needy, in whichever way one can. A little help, a little push, a little motivation can go a long way for someone. As long as people care about each other, love and hope will continue to thrive on this planet. Plus, God has his own way of answering prayers. Where recently, two IIT professors did such a noble act, that one can surely say – the prayers were answered! Their innovation is truly one of the most positive effects of technology on medicine and it should be applauded!

The Positive Effects Of Technology On Medicine – Robot Hands 

Ashish Dutta and KS Venkatesh are our heroes. Really! Making the best use of technology and intellect, they have ventured into the world’s first robot exoskeleton hands for stroke patients. Their ‘robotic hand’ helps people who are suffering from paralysis.

positive effects of technology on medicine
A Robot Hand | Image: File Image

How Does It Work?

Their latest device is a two-finger robotic hand that uses four bar mechanism and has four degrees of freedom (DOF). The device uses brain signals and it is supposed to be worn on the head. It allows the patient to open and close their thumb, index and middle fingers. The device runs on a battery. It costs around ₹15,000. They have finished its trials and soon intend to change and touch people’s lives with it.

Their Endeavors

The super-duo has teamed up with UK-based Ulster University and its professor Girijesh Prasad. They hope to expand and reach out to as many people as they can!

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