Singapore Plans To Plant 1 Million Native Trees And Put A Park 10 Minutes From Each Citizen

Singapore Plans To Plant 1 Million Native Trees And Put A Park 10 Minutes From Each Citizen

Initiative by Singapore government also looks into their mental health levels.
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The nation of Singapore is embarking on a 1 million tree planting spree with a hope to save numerous birds, reptiles, trees from extinction, and provide a lot of valuable ecosystem services.

The development of the small island into a world economic juggernaut which has brought billions in foreign investment currency to impoverished East Asian and Indo-Pacific communities has also replaced many of the island’s original mangrove forests with urban infrastructure.

Singapore’s national parks agency plans to to help “green” the cities, and restore bird and tree populations in mangrove forests, as well as ensure that every Singaporean is “10 minutes from a park.” The government is also open to the creation of rooftop gardens, curbside foliage, and other green city projects like therapy garden parks, which will be designed to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of the park goers. The government aims to provide an experience to the visitors a range of health benefits, such as the relief of mental health fatigue, reduced stress, and improved emotional well-being.

The planting of one million trees was assigned a target date intelligently set to conclude by 2030, as tree-planting operations tend to suffer from unrealistic deadlines.

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