STOP: The Mindfulness Technique That Can Immediately Calm You Down

STOP: The Mindfulness Technique That Can Immediately Calm You Down

The STOP mindfulness technique is a unique way to practice mindfulness in daily life and take back control when intrusive thoughts take over.
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We can take a breath and check in with ourselves using the informal mindfulness technique known as S.T.O.P. The STOP mindfulness technique can help us make the transition from being distracted and operating on autopilot to being focused and present. 

In response to our thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations, we frequently go through stress reactions. When we are actively worried, our stress response begins to function. And the consequences can be severe if the bodily systems are affected by stress.  We can eventually end up in conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, sleeplessness, and a weakened immune system. 

S.T.O.P As An Acronym Stands For: 

  • S – Stop whatever you are doing. Pause. 
  • T – Take a deep breathe. 
  • O – Observe your inner world and your outer world. 
  • P – Proceed with more awareness 

It has been proven that making time during the day to pause, exhale, and return to the present moment is incredibly beneficial in reducing the harmful impacts of our stress response. When we focus on the here and now, we have a better chance of gaining perspective and realising that we have the ability to control how we react to stress. 


The Steps To Practice The STOP Mindfulness Technique 

Stop whatever you are doing and pause for a minute. 

Take deep breaths. Take a moment to breathe properly and naturally, paying attention to how your breath is entering and leaving your nose.  This will allow you to concentrate on your breathing and improve your focus. 

Observe all your thoughts and emotions. You can explore your thoughts and realise that they are not reality and that they are not permanent. Take note of any emotions present and how they are emerging within your body. 

Proceed with something that you know will support you in every moment, like talk to a friend or have a cup of coffee. Think about becoming more conscious in how you answer your queries and react to your thoughts. Take action to alter your course based on the knowledge you’ve received during this practice. 

Anything that makes you anxious can be solved by using the STOP mindfulness technique. This mindfulness technique can boost your self-esteem and assist you in eliminating negative thoughts. You will be able to make better life decisions if you maintain your composure and awareness. You’ll develop the self-confidence to lead a less stressful life. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Technique? 

  1. Higher brain functioning 
  1. Lowered Blood Pressure 
  1. Increased Awareness 
  1. Increased attention and focus 
  1. Lowered Anxiety Level 
  1. Increased clarity in thinking 
  1. Experience feeling connected 
  1. Experience being calm 

The more you pause during the day, the more you reconnect with reality and detach from your mind’s constant busyness. 

Try to unwind after a tough day with this mindful meditation music.

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