The Coral Reefs Need Some Saving!

The Coral Reefs Need Some Saving!

Coronavirus has hit India and has not only affected people, but the also the environment that needs conservation.
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The Coral reefs have been endangered for a while and ReefWatch has been actively working towards its conservation.

A first of its kind project in India, ReefWatch seeks to launch a conservation program restoring and rehabilitating coral reefs in the Andamans. This program involves rescuing naturally broken coral fragments that would otherwise become smothered in the sand and die. These are reattached to a robust substratum, such as a metal structure. Securing these fragments to an unmoving frame increases their survival rates. This in time will grow into an artificial coral reef.

ReefWatch has served as a Member of the National Board for Wildlife (Government of India) since May 2007. The organization has had the privilege of working with many dedicated and inspiring individuals in the fields of science, government, filmmaking, photography and the media. Its efforts are targeted towards protecting and nurturing the diversity of life in India’s coastal regions.

The next step will be to add mineral accretion technology to artificial structures. Based on the principle of electrolysis, a mild electric current generated through a solar source will be passed through the iron frameworks. This will ensure quicker accretion of calcium carbonate, which helps the reef grow 7 – 12 times faster than normal and leaves the coral with more of an energy budget that it can use to survive warmer temperature spells and coral disease.

The organisation was founded by Prahad Kakar and Mitali Dutt Kakar. The couple established ReefWatch Marine Conservation in 1993. Mitali also serves on the National Wildlife Board of India.

Nayantara Jain known fondly as Tara, ReefWatch’s Executive Director holds the helms of the organisation and simultaneously has her feet on the sand and her heart in the sea. She lived on the islands of Lakshadweep and Andamans as a SCUBA Diving Instructor for a few years, inspired by the beauty of the ocean, but increasingly disturbed by its degradation by factors global and local.

Feel free to make donations to the organisation through their website at !

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