This Delhi Based Company Turns Plastic Bottles Into Rugs

This Delhi Based Company Turns Plastic Bottles Into Rugs

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Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Imaging that a plastic bottle or even a bicycle tube can be made into a carpet or a pillow? The world is producing tonnes of plastic every day, but its recycling and disposition still has a big question mark lingering over it. In an attempt to answer this question, this Delhi based entrepreneur has come up with a distinctive idea.

The Rug Republic (TRR) is the first International Home Fashion brand from India, which manufactures handmade rugs, and sells it to over 85 countries. TRR uses recycled PET yarns extracted from water bottles, bicycle tubes, recycled silk yarns, and various other multi-fiber textiles, to produce some really trendy and vibrant rugs and carpets.
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Founded by Aditya Gupta, TRR functions on the philosophy of “Rethink, Rediscover, Renew”. He says, “Products today need to have a story as well as a soul. Green living is not just a fad but a need of the hour. Recycled materials are a global favourite and outdoor furnishings made from recycled PET bottles are a universal hit.”
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The quality and style of all their products is top-notch, and every year, the company spoils its customers for choice with their extravagant range of rugs, poufs, pillows, and wall décor. With customers saying that “the quality of the rug far surpasses anything that you would find in the usual store.”
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But how does all this plastic waste turn into something so beautiful?

The procedure is quite simple and interesting. Millions of plastic bottles reach the waste traders. The metal caps, rings, PVC labels, etc. are removed and the bailing machines then compress and crush the bottles into bales. They are then transported to the recycling facility where the bottles are shredded, washed dried, resulting in ‘washed flakes.’ Next, the spinning units use these washed flakes to make yarns, which is then used to make the final product.
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Having featured in an array of lifestyle and décor magazines, TRR is going strong and has reached over 3 million homes across the globe.

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