This International Start-up Is Saving Our Planet By Protecting Bees. Find Out How

This International Start-up Is Saving Our Planet By Protecting Bees. Find Out How

They have invented robotic beehives that are protecting bees and their colonies.
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Albert Einstein had famously said, “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.” It makes one wonder, how bees could possibly be connected to us? How is protecting bees crucial to our existence?

Allow us to explain
Beewise protecting bees

Bees are essential to humans, as well as the planet. Firstly, because honey has significant medicinal properties, and is used as a remedy for various illnesses. More importantly, bees are excellent pollinators and play a role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. The hair on their bodies carry large grains of pollen between plants. It is proven that 75 percent of crops produce better yields if animals help them pollinate.

Why is their population dwindling?

Protecting bees has become a serious issue because of new dangers posed by climate change and reducing natural habitats for them. Factors such as overuse of pesticides and rapid urbanisation are causing a steep decline in the number of bee colonies.

How is this Israeli start-up tackling this issue?

All the above factors considered, “Beewise” aimed to create a perfect environment for the bees to thrive in. They achieved so by creating an artificial beehive that facilitates stable bee colonies under ideal conditions.
They provide round-the-clock care for bees to prevent the collapse of their colonies.

Moving bees into a robotic hive

This next-generation beehive consists of multiple layers of honeycombs that can house up to 2 million bees. That’s not it, the robotic set-up is equipped to scan beehives for diseases, pesticides, and other hazards that are fatal for these gentle creatures.

Kudos to them for protecting the Earth, one bee at a time!

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