TRM Meditation of the Week: Letting Go of Expectations

TRM Meditation of the Week: Letting Go of Expectations

Release your expectation of what should be to make room for allowing new experiences with this powerful meditation by Vidisha Kaushal.
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The weight of expectations on your shoulders is the biggest cause of suffering. Comparing your reality to the expectations sitting in your mind, will make you far from happy or proud. But, imagine being able to free yourself of this burden. If you could just go with the flow, trusting that things were falling into place just as they are supposed to. However, having plans and goals for the future, without being overly attached to the outcome is where the challenge lies. Vidisha Kaushal is here to help you with just that!  

A small snippet from Vidisha Kaushal’s meditation video available on the app
Opening the Door to Positivity  

Vidisha talks about owning your power, never losing hope and enjoying every moment to its fullest. While releasing negative thoughts and expectations, she frees open your mind to the realm of infinite possibilities. Thus giving you the chance to live a fuller, happier and healthier life. She transports you to a faraway land and employs the power of visualisation meditation. This helps navigate you through the unnecessary burdens you are placing on your shoulders.  

Mechanism of Stress Release  

By focusing on deep breathing, the mind begins to settle, which transmits a signal to the body to settle in as well into a restful state. In the absence of stress, fatigue and toxic thoughts, the mind begins to let go of assumptions that don’t serve you well. Your thoughts drift away towards the most relevant situation or emotion you’re facing currently. In the same way, meditation in this sense, is a purification process. It creates a conducive environment to review any thoughts and ask yourself if they are important to you.  

For example, in her meditation, Vidisha compares your life to a river, on the banks of which you are comfortably seated. She equates leaves of different shapes and sizes as all your expectations and makes you look at each one carefully. She guides you to envision all your thoughts on them. Even though they are from your friends, family, work colleagues or even yourself.

Identifying the Difference  

Understanding whether a thought serves your choice to grow and help people around you, or simply weighs you down needs to be done rationally. Besides, the thoughts and feelings that float through your mind during meditation are an accurate representation of your current state of life.  

By introducing the presence of a girl by the riverside, Vidisha helps you feel the energy of the setting and imagine yourself in her place. She creates the basis for you to release every single leaf in the river and watch as it flows away with love. With the visual of every leaf drifting away, the negative energy of your expectations held within will drift away as well. Furthermore it brings positive energy into the fold and assists in the process of letting go. 

Enjoy the Gift of Letting Go  

The key to living a full life is to let experiences, thoughts, and memories, come and go from your life. Besides, the importance of letting go of the weight of expectations from yourself, and people around you, cannot be emphasised enough. By employing breathing techniques and focusing your mind, this meditation session improves self-awareness and reduces stress levels. It hinders the mind from fixating on negative thoughts and emotions from the past. Likewise, it leads to better anxiety management and alleviating depression, for a positive, joyful life. Head over to the app to listen to Vidisha Kaushal guide you through letting go of expectations.  

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