TRM New Meditation Of The Week: A Balancing Act

TRM New Meditation Of The Week: A Balancing Act

Bring a healthy balance to your daily life and learn how to make the right choices with this meditation by Behzad Randeria.
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With our hectic lives and demanding schedules, people are turning to yoga and meditation to find a deeper sense of meaning and fulfilment in their lives. Meditation focuses on calming and centring the mind. With regular practice, meditation has proven to promote emotional balance.  

How can you strike the right balance?

Striking the right balance in your life is about managing your choices and setting effective boundaries. The goal is to strike the right balance without compromising on any one aspect of your life. However, balancing your life in the generic sense is not enough. You might be keen to believe that getting a full 8 hours of sleep, working/studying during the day and socializing post that is the way to go. While using simple breathing techniques, occupy your mind and body with a greater sense of alignment. Deep breathing and mindful meditation are instrumental in easing stress and grounding yourself.  

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In this meditation, Behzad Randeria aims to reprogram your mind to understand and worn on your subconscious mind, training it to set personal boundaries. By the end, you will find a perfect sense of mental and physical equilibrium. While you meditate, the boundaries to find a suitable middle ground become more and more obvious.  

By imagining a staircase that extends up to the sky with beautiful marble steps, she guides you to descend them. Breathing in and out slowly and mindfully, each step taken makes you calmer and more at peace with yourself. The inner editor of your subconscious reprograms your mind and creates new pathways to find content and happiness. It helps you balance through your future plans and set goals while mapping a route to achieving them. 

This meditation helps you regain control of your personal and professional life. It helps you mentally prioritise tasks and achieve success with adequate time on hand to reconnect and bond with loved ones. Head to the https for the entire guided meditation to strike the perfect balance in your life.  

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