10 Easy Travel Resolutions That You’ll Be Able To Keep In 2023 

10 Easy Travel Resolutions That You’ll Be Able To Keep In 2023 

For some, travelling is as essential as breathing and for some it's an escape from the day-to-day routine.
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Travelling is so much more than just about posting pretty pictures on Instagram. When you travel, you gain experiences that stay with you for a lifetime. For some, travelling is as essential as breathing and for some it’s an escape from the day-to-day routine. Whether you’re a pro traveler or simply one of those that never had travel plans in order, here’s a list of 10 easy and extremely doable travel resolutions that you’ll be able to keep in 2023. Ready to navigate? 

10 Travel Resolutions for 2023

1. I Will Plan An Impromptu Trip  

You don’t always have to have a methodical itinerary in place to plan the so-called perfect holiday. Pack your bags for a short weekend getaway or even a day trip, because at times, the best things in life are those that are unplanned.  

Image | Pexels / Ajay Donga

2. I Will Travel Solo  

Travelling solo is a magical experience, nothing short of therapy. You are independent, depending only on the choices you make and you are your own personal guide. Travelling solo gives you the ability to find your own direction, instills confidence about the decisions you make and most importantly, it’s a decision you take for yourself. Plus, you can go wherever you want, eat whatever you want to and partake in any adventure without having to worry about group consensus.  

3. I Will Go For A Digital Detox Trip 

Going off the grid with zero interference from the world is as beautiful as it gets. Digital detox doesn’t necessarily mean going in the middle of the forest and pitching your own tent (to be honest, that would be quite the adventure), but there are a plethora of hotels and resorts that have no WiFi and television amenities. Located in the most serene locations, you’ll be waking up to the sound of birds instead of your alarm tone. Gaze at the stars instead of glaring into your devices. Real conversations will be replaced with WhatsApp conversations and when the holiday ends, we bet you’ll be already planning your next digital detox getaway.  

4. I Will Do Nothing 

Have you tried doing absolutely nothing? It’s difficult in the beginning but so blissful when you have to do nothing but relax. Some holidays are meant to be spent doing absolutely nothing but being with oneself. Plan such a holiday and be your own best friend, be with yourself and discover more about yourself, wouldn’t this be an absolute insightful journey? 

5. I Will Try An Adventure 

On a personal note, it takes me courage to do something new let alone an adventure. At the beginning, it seems like an impossible task but once you overcome your fear and try the adventure, the feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled. So, the next time you’re on a vacation, try an adventure, set it according to your limits.  

Image | Pexels / Sebastian Arie Voortman

6. I Will Indulge In Local Delicacies  

Food is the greatest language that teaches one about more about culture and pulse of the region. Swap room service for a local, regional meal and experience the authenticity on the plate. If you’re visiting a destination known for their spice markets, make sure you make a pit stop there and take away a part of the place back home with you.  

7. I Will Live In A Hostel 

What better way to make a holiday memorable than interacting with fellow travellers? Staying in a hostel gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with people, share ideas and just open up your horizon to newer thoughts and viewpoints.  

8. I Will Plan The One Big Dream Holiday 

If you belong to that section of the society that has been postponing the ‘dream holiday’ every year then this year you need to sit down and PLAN. Block your dates, book those air tickets and then work out the nitty-gritties. Once your tickets have been locked in, it gives you a time frame to plan and actually go on that holiday. 

Image | Unsplash / Fabio Mangione

9. I Will Use Your Office Leaves 

Using your office leaves is your right. Make sure that you utilise those leaves and take a vacation. Give yourself that much deserved break and gift yourself the getaway of your dreams. Just like work can’t take a backseat when required, so can’t your leaves. Don’t let your leaves be like the leftovers! Follow all of your travel resolutions.

10. I Will Go Somewhere You Have Never Been Before 

In the wise words of Dalai Lama, “Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.” You don’t always need an exotic location to have the perfect holiday, instead discover a new destination and enrich yourself with it has to offer. The unknown destination can be a town, an hour away from your home or tourist hotspot 10,000 hours away.  

Image | Pexels / Riccardo

Hope these travel resolutions help you have a happy holiday in 2023. Remember to travel safe and don’t forget to have fun!  

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