10 Ways To Build An Eco-friendly Home

10 Ways To Build An Eco-friendly Home

Adopt an eco-friendly way of living and make the world more sustainable, the change begins at with your home.
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Going eco-friendly seems like too much of a task at the beginning, until you see how easy and effective these tips are.

Invest in the right lightbulbs

Older incandescent bulbs take up a lot of energy. Instead use efficient CFLs are better alternatives as they are brighter, last long, are cost-effective and use a lot less energy. All perks and no cons make it worth investing in.

Install solar panels

Install solar panels at your place | Image: File Image

A lot of solar panel companies are customizing their panels for residential use, which easies the effort of installing one. Solar panels offer completely clean electricity and they are a great long-term investment. You can check out Vikram Solar, Waree Solar, and Goldi Green Technologies for home solar solutions.

Embrace natural cleaning products

Using harmful chemicals for cleaning your home, eventually dirties the environment. Because when you wash them away, you are simply putting them into the water supply. Instead, you can switch to natural cleaning agents like vinegar, citric acid from citrus fruits, and bicarbonate of soda in place of toxic chemicals.

Less of paper towels, more of rugs

Cut up old-t-shirts and shirts to make rags, (which I’m sure is a common Indian household practice). They are any day better than one-time use and throw paper towels. It might be difficult to completely give up paper towels, but once you start using more of rugs, you can slowly make the switch.

Glass in, plastic out

Replacing plastic with glass | Image: File Image

A very simple way to go eco-friendly is to replace plastic with glass. Think of all things plastic in your home, and gauge how many can be totally swapped with glass. Glass bottles, containers, etc. Moreover, storing things in glass in anyway better than plastic.

Go Veg!

When we talk about going eco-friendly, how can we not talk about going veg? There is a lot research done to prove that vegetarian food is better for your body. Take small steps, start with eating veg one day every week. Then you can choose to increase the number of days, or eat veg on alternate days.

Unplug unused electronics

Want to save the environment in seconds? Just unplug your cables and electronics when not in use. Now, if you don’t have the habit of doing this, or just don’t want to run around the house switching lights off, then you can use a power strip, so that it leaves you with a single thing to unplug.

Put your shopping bags to good use

Re-use cloth bags for your grocery shopping | Image: File Image

All of us do have a bag, filled with other bags in our homes. For some odd reason we always stock up these bags, and rarely use it. Carry one of these the next time you go to buy groceries or keep one in your car all the time. That way you don’t need a new one every time you shop. 

Opt for natural skincare

Your skin will thank you, and so will Mother Earth! This sounds like a really small step but it has a significant impact. Organic skin care implies that there are no harmful chemicals induced in your product, which means that none of them will harm the environment when you wash it off.

Shop local

The fewer hands your food passes through, the better it is. Transportation of food leads to the emission of a lot of greenhouse gas. Buying local helps reduce this, plus maintains the nutrition level of the food since its fresh.

So you see, going eco-friendly is not as difficult as you thought!

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